2002-01-18 01:13:09 (UTC)

wierd dream

I had this really really wierd dream last night.
I was in jail. And I didn't do anything to get there, they
put my in jail because my ex boyfriend got a speeding
ticket and did something else that wasn't legal either (i
dont know what) so they put ME in jail cuz they said i was
in the passenger seat when he got his speeding ticket. But
I wasn't angry about it or anything.. I was just in jail.
And then they let me out on a day pass and said to be back
by quarter to four, so I went out and took a walk on the
river (frozen), on my way back off the river I ran into
David Suzuki who was walking with his grandsons... then I
ran into this other girl I haven't seen for a long time and
we were shopping for candy... I had a long way to walk back
to jail (it was where my current boyfriend's house is in
real life)... got back to jail late cuz i asked for the
time and they said it was quarter to six. But the jail ppl
weren't that mad... they were the managers from this
concessions place I used to work... then I saw a bunch of
slurpees they were discarding, so I took one. But the
manager (who also was in charge of the jail) saw me and got
mad for interfering with the profit margins. But he wasn't
that mad. It was soooo wierd. I mean I guess I can see some
of it... sorta feeling like my ex bf does something wrong
and I'M the one who suffers for it... feeling trapped by my
current boyfriend, and generally disliking the managers
from the place I used to work... but still. David Suzuki???
So SO SO Bizarre.