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2002-01-18 01:02:06 (UTC)


Who am I? What are words? Do they really mean anything or
do they mean what we give to them? What about religion. If
words are meaningless than names are meaningless and if
names are meaningless than Jesus, who appears to be a name,
is meaningless. Why are all religions similar...
Buddhism... The truths are somewhat the same somewhere
along the lines.
But these truths are derived from the so called meaningless
Meaningless-Without meaning
Words... if they are meaningless than the word meaningless
means nothing in itself
which doesnt make an ounce of sense
here i am talking in circles again
using my logic.
thats all i am isnt it
all my questions are logic
are they not?
today in religion we had a speaker who said we cannot know
God without questions
who is there to answer
questions just confuse me
questions are logic
all my questions are if________ then _________ and it
sounds like fucking school.... who am i to speak
"let the one who is without sin cast the first stone"
yet i am casting the stone arent i in everything i dont
like about humans
i am the hypocritical hater of hypocrites as well as the
optomistic pessimist.
how can i say i hate hypocricy when that statement is
hypocricy in itself?
why am i hypocritical at times and why do i criticize.
why cant i be content.
content means not wanting
what do i want
is it all material?
i want feelings i want to live life is that what i want?
im not sure
im not sure about anything am i
anything at all
a concept of buddhism: nothing stays the same
that is definately true
though i hate the results of this .
with things constantly changing i am forced to constantly
adjust to things.
thats all i ever talk about
i need to think, to care about people more
i need to be myself
and not cover up
i need to stop loving/liking a lot andrew
stay friends
damnit stay friends or else you will fuck everything up
thats what david said too though once he told me
relationships fuck everything up
he was talking to himself though
i heard.
but which way do they
if not me then who
is the question
if anyone i know reads this
and they think im fucked up
you know what i say
yes i am
who isnt
and i dont think theres much wrong with it
my brain is exhausted that is why my thoughts arent
processed or worth much at the time
lack of everything.
and not knowing where i stand anywhere with anyone
if people werent decietful or shy etc things would be great
there i go again though my hypocricy. why dont i do
anything about it?
i need to
everyone needs to
but there i go again the hypocrite
i see hypocricy in everything i say
yet i still say it
better to be silent and thought a fool then to speak up and
confirm it
well if i am, then ialready have confirmed it and shall
continue to speak up
every bit of knoweledge only ignorance to lose
but perhaps in my ignorance i strive for wisdom ,
ignorantly thinking that it is the alternitive, the way out
but when i get there realize that ignorance is blissful yet
whoever said that
may be wrong
because the ignorant have their own problems born to
extreme magnitudes.and the wise see
and see how frivolous these problems really are and are
ppreoccupied with their own
which may also be frivolous, but matter to them. each has
his own quest.
what is my quest
why am i typing if there is no hope
but there is

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