Matt Skiba's offiCiaL GrouPiE
2002-01-18 00:45:22 (UTC)

singLe again,,,

so me and stefan broke up.. never see eachother.. i dont
like to be by myself, but to be honest, i'm not really hurt
that much. i mean, there's ave, first of all.. i know he's
online and all, but i do talk to him more O_O

but then there's also dan, tho i prolly have no chance with
him anyay. haha, he wore a Ninja Turtles jacket today..
it brought back so many memories... =) he was my first
friend i ever had come over to my house.. and he brought
his ninja turtle toys :) he's co0..

i hope i can go to that Ozma concert. i dont think so tho.

well, Cya later.