question marked innocense
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2002-01-18 00:44:10 (UTC)


So yah Devon is my b/f and last night I was talking to him
on msn and he's like
"Would you mind it if I pierced another chicks clit?"
And I'm thinking of course I mind, pfft I'd be crazy not to
mind but that's not what I told him. I being the bright
being the bright person I am said
"No,I don't care"
See bright. Ne way later in the conversation I asked him
"Whens your birthday?" ands he's like
"Why?" and I'm like
"Cuz you're my b/f and I have no idea when your birthday
is" and hes like
"Oh, well I don't like all that happy birthday bullshit" so
in short, he wouldnt tell me when hes birthday was. Which I
thought was weird cuz I trust him enough to pierce some
chicks clit that I don't know but he doesn't trust me
enough to tell me his birthday cause he doesn't want every
one to know.


Well today at lunch I was talking to him and I told him
that it bugged me that he couldnt trust me enough to tell
me when hes fucking birthday was and then it got quiet and
hes like
"......." ( I cant put wut hes b-day is cuz he doesn't want
any one to know and seeing as my friends this....) and I
was like oh and now things are all good b/t us. But man
last night was not good. My arms all sore from all the cuts
and I hate doing it for so many reasons but I can't not do
it. And then I have to lie to my friens cause last time my
friend saw my cuts she freaked at me and started screaming
and shit. It was scary, so now I have to hide it. But the
thing is my friend Dustin knows that when I start wearing
long sleeves and shit somethings up, but he hasn't said
anything about it yet and I'm glad cause I really don't
want to bring it up.

G2G later daze

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