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2002-01-18 00:18:42 (UTC)


Well, well well. Where do i start? Ok, here is a briefing
of my life at the moment:
My name's Kylie. I'm from Australia, about 2 hours train
ride from the city, which basically means we're in the
sticks. It's not too bad though, we're about 10 mins drive
from a small shopping centre, movie theatre and all that.
But to do anything good (like go to the beach)we have to
catch the train to the city.

Okay, Alex was my boyfriend for about a year. We had a
great relationship,we saw each other every day, all my
friends got on great with him, and I got on with all of his
friends so the problem of going out with my boyfriend or
going out with my friends never occured to us coz we'd all
just go out together.
Alex's best friends name is Matt. Its funny that they're
best friends actually coz Alex is a bit shy, does really
well in school and a bit of an introvert. But he's really
sweet when we're alone and i always knew that he loved me
he's such a gentle person.
Now Matt, is loud and extroverted. He's rought, tough and
all the rest of it. And you'd never imagine him to be the
slightest bit romantic, but he's got the greatest sense of
Anyway, me and Matt got on really well. Probably too well.
Coz as me and Alex we're approaching our 1 years
anniversary i started to get feelings for matt that just
got stronger and stronger. I eventually told Matt how i
felt and that i was going to break up with Alex, which i
That was about a month ago. During this last month Alex has
been away a bit and I've been spending heaps of time with
Matt. At first we just told ourselves that we were really
good friends but then when i was at his place we just
started kissing. And we both realised that we have feelings
for each other too.
Now Alex knows about this and he, well, is a bit upset
about it. He begs me to go back with him. I hate seeing him
unhappy, i still think of Alex as one of my best friends
and like any of my friends i would never try to upset them,
even if it cost me my own happiness.
So for the moment, me and Matt are keeping our relationship
a secret. Which is my main reason for this diary. I have to
tell someone!!!
My best friend Hannah knows about everything, and a few
people are slowly finding out.
But we can't make it public just yet.
Which really sux!
Anyway, I'm going to write the next time somthing happens.
Okay, cya.

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