My Stuffff that no one cares about
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2002-01-18 00:15:06 (UTC)


Yo everybody whats goin on? I just sang pretty much till my
voice went away so now I type. Singing is my way of letting
everything out... Just pouring that much energy into it and
emotion really helps. I failed again.... I'm single...
although this is different.... I actually liked this one...
I could see myself falling for her... but she couldn't do
the same for me. So here I am. So this is life huh? Parents
are seperated as I help my mother move into a new house...
not her fault nor is it my father's and they both love me
and I love them back. But its still not the same. I'm
loseing some of my good friends. Tommorow is surgery,
midterms are next week. Cant take the stress. Dont kno what
else to say

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