This is mine
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2002-01-17 23:55:08 (UTC)

ok i'ma write what i did all day bc i dont want to do my math hwk!

6:27: i wake up late, bc my alarm didnt go off

around 7: jenny (sister, 16) drives me to school

7:34: i get mr. mahar to write me a pass bc i was hanging
out in his class and i was gonna be late to my first period
class, then i go to art

8:20: art is let out

8:22: i travel to advisory, mr. mahars room

8:26: we have to read this dumb crap about getting better
grades and its realllllllly boring

8:41: i go to science and i sit next to cassandra (good friend)
and christine (kindof friend)and i take test, and do okay

9:20: i go through one door and wow! i'm in my next class!
(see science was in the technology computer lab and i had
tech next)

9:23: class gets settled, she yells at us for not having
work in, we fill in this thing that was boring

10:00: i go across the hall to gym, where we run then take
mid-term (incredibly easy) then play a game of basketball,
where i shoot a million times but miss every one...
basketball really ain't my sport.

10:47: me and my friend courtenay walk to my locker then

10:49: we have assigned seats in LUNCH! bc were too loud! hehe

11:14: they let us out of lunch, i walk with , well
actually i dont remember...

11:15: i go to locker, then to ss, where its a lil fun bc
we (my group-christine, kristy, colby) go to other side of
school to get digital camera for project and then when we
get back i dont pay attention bc other peeps are doin
persentations and they're reallllllly awful, so i write a
note to cassandra., talking about how much i hate jacky and
how she has these pants from express (a really expensive
popular good store for women) that she thinks that just bc
they're from express they're cool and how she wears them
ALL THE TIME! she wore 'em yesterday and today so i wrote
her about that. and i said we should call her laundry bc
she needs to do hers so she doesnt wear them pants every

12:00: i go to english and we wait outside the door bc the
other class is running late, so i finish my note to her
quickly as i sit against the wall and give it to her as she
walks out of english

12:04: english is really boring, but its better than what
we usually do, our benchmarks :( we watched this movie
about where the red fern grows,(we had to read it for
english) only a continuation of the book. it was bad. and
boring, so i wrote a quick note to erica about the same
thing, jacky's pants. and some other stuff, but i dont
remember what.

12:44: now i go to math, wooooo fun. we do some stuff with
shapes, its really crap. who really needs this anyways? as
a model or fashion designer, i wont need to figure out the
areas of ugly decagons!

1:30: finally i get to leave that posessed contaminated
room. i start off to french, someone tries to talk to me
but they never finish. oh well.

1:32: im at my locker and erica stops by, before we go to
french class together (shes a really good friend now. not
like we're close, but shes a loyal kind of friend.) well i
give her the note, and we talk. she asks if emilia and
aaron were still goin out. i said i didnt know bc they
seemed distant lately, not like they were ever seriously
close anyway. well i tell her to ask him, and like a good
friend, she does. (he was right across the hall) she says
no, they arent. (inside im like YES! bc i still like him a
lil and they were an awful couple) so im secretly happy. we
go to french and like usual, its boring as hell. we pass
notes and learn how to order drinks. fun fun.

2:13: we get out of french, and i go to my locker and
dawdle and talk to erica, bc we both are getting rides home
so we dont have to rush to catch the silly bus. we are
havin fun bc we are really hyper and we are sayin "what are
you doing?" really weird. well i guess you had to be there.

2:19: me and cassandra go to mr mahars room and wait for
him bc i gotta take a test for him. its not that hard, but
not that easy. we hang out there for a while then go down
to the tech computer lab to do our science things and her
tech test, which we cheat on. oh well, i was goin to hell

3:15 we're laughin about somethin and i look at my computer
and see its 3:15 and im like CRAP! I G2G!!!! so i log off
quick and grab my stuff and run down to the parkin lot to
meet my sis. i go to the car and no one i in it. i sigh...
then i see beth (jennys friend) walkin in the school at the
other doors. i run down there but dont see them. i ask
everyone but no positive replies. so i look a lil more, put
my stuff in the car, put my coat on (its cold) and finally
inside i see her. we get in the car, start drivin.

3:30ish: we drop off beth and start home. i tell jenny im
hungry so we go straight home and dont drop neal (her bf)

3:40: we hang out at home for a while and get pizza

5:45: jenny drives neal home

6:55: i write this thing

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