ViCtiM oF ReaLiTY
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2002-01-17 23:25:04 (UTC)

RocK tHe CasBaH, rOCk ThE cASbAh......

Hey, srry i havent written in awhile.... just been kinda
busy. Yesterday (Wednesday) we had a half-day and Paulina,
Stix, Amber, Brittany, and Chris came over to my house and
we chilled and got high and ya. We went outside for awhile
and Shawn and Brad and Jacob and their whole gang were
skaten down the street so they all came and we chilled on
the grass in my front yard. There were litterally 20 people
just ChiLleN in My frOnt YarD.... it was cool. We fought
over some cigarettes the whole time.

Oh and on Tuesday Chris came up to me at lunch and said
he was gonna ditch 4th and 5th hour and go chill at his
house so i went with him. It sucked cuz Melissa was
patrollin 75th ave. so we had to take the long way around
(through the big, EXPENSIVE, spread out, farm lookin houses
and walk down Thunderbird.... sucked.... but we got high
and we almost had sex too but he didnt have a condum. He
said he would run down to Fucken Mobile and buy some but i
was like "naww...." ur bro will be home in Half-hour N E
Wayz..... but ya.
Chris is the sweetest person i've
ever met. I feel like we're a lot closer than we ever were
before. I like him so much, but i dont know if im in love
with him. i hope we stay together for awhile. Today there
was a Spanish Club meeting after school and i decided to go
cuz Amber, Paulina, Melanie, And Andreena and all them are
in it, so i went too, and i dragged Chris along with me. It
seems kinda borin, but cool too, so i dont know for sure if
im gonna stay or what. Paulina took her mom's car and
picked us up after it was over, and on the way home Chris
was talkin to Paul's sis and he was like "ya, im Kim's
bitch" and i was like "ya, he is" but i never thought of it
like that before. he is my bitch!! he he.... but i treat
him good cuz he treats me sooo good, like no one ever has
before. i luv u Chris! ****^^^^@@@@!!!!!%%%%%#####

Im so fuckin sore from P.E., but its cool cuz i
know im building muscles and stuff. Yesterday i could
barely move, let alone walk up stairs. sucked. Well im
listenen to this AWEsomE song by Solar Twins (its a remix
of Rock the Casbah)........ so fucking good!!!! i love it
so much. Well, i talked a lot so, later.
Oh, and since this weekend is a three-day-
weekend, im sure ill have Plenty-O-Good shit to talk