Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-01-17 23:19:00 (UTC)

45%? My reason.

Ìf you were sat here in early December, not only would it
have been uncomfortable, and probably damaging to the
chair, but you would have seen some things.

I had a 2000 word essay to do. It was not the easiest of
subject matters, but, as they do, it had to be done, and I
set about the task.

I started, renting library books, and so on, about 3 weeks
before it was due to go in. By 2 weeks to go, I felt
confident enough to start the bad-boy, planning and then
into it.

I did. 1000 words. Started again. 1000 words. Started
again.. 1000 words. Started again....I had at least 8
terminated attempts to write it, before I gave in and had
to see it through because I was running out of time and had
another essay to do.

So, when the mark comes back at 45% I feel cheated. To have
worked at something for ooh, at least 100 hours, (and I
started counting, because I had to do one two and a bit
times as long over Christmas) and to be only worth such a
poor grade. It seems a little unfair.

I'll know not to work next time. (NB - The last sentence is
a joke). More soon.

WILT? Kung Fu Fighting - Carl Douglas.