Fitz's Suga

Replying to Adam
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2002-01-17 22:44:08 (UTC)

Mini Sleepover!

Hey hun, I know it's been a rough week, but it's almost
over, two more exams to go! I have two B 's so I'm not all
that smart and I don't wanna hear about it if you have
better grades than me! If I do I'll just have to get out my
blow dryer and blow you then (lol-j/k j/k j/k)Anyways, I'm
almost done with my painting, it should be finished by
tomorrow! I'm excited, this Saturday, to relieve all stress
from exams, my posse is all commin over and chillin over
here! It's gonna be like a mini sleepover but all in one
afternoon because my parents won't let me do an actually
sleepover (they're afraid of all of us put together!) haha!
I would be too if I were them! But yea, we're all gonna
wear pj's and have stuff animals and pillows, etc! And
treats too!! hehe, I'm so pumped! Anyways, I'm heading out
because I gotta spend my afternoon crackin at the books!
I'll talk to you later, lyl,