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2002-01-17 22:35:57 (UTC)


well see so much has gone on there really isnt' any place
to beign.....me and my best freind are not really talking
now...its terrible cuz he menas the world to me and i
shouldtn be taking this so out of porportion....he got
drunk and kissed some girl goodnight, but it was enoguth
for me, i was devistated adn i cna't believe him any time
he tels me he loves me anymore i jsut acna't its so hard
for me....i have no clue what to do anymore cuz i spent all
my time with him, its awful! ever tim ethe phone rings i
want it to be him and i want him to tell me that it dindt
happen and taht we can go back to beign the happy coupel
we once were.....i miss him so much..... so taoday i
bought a bunny its a nice little guy pretty cute im nto
sure what to name him but im sure ill think of soemthign,
im problay going to get in trouble for having him in my
room the dorm director will kick my ass but im not worried
about that.....well im goign to write more later, now im
sick and wnat food

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