*blank stare*
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2002-01-17 22:22:23 (UTC)


01. name? Mandy
02. d.o.b.? July 12, 1983
03. location? New Hampshire
04. religion? Well, I've been Wiccan, Satanist and
Athiest... dont know what I am today.
05. occupation? Labor Bitch at JSR

01. hair? Black
02. eyes? icy greyish- blueish
03. height? 5'6 or so
04. weight? 107 sopping wet
05. figure? pitite little pixie

01. clothing? at work? grubby pants and t-shirts. on
weekends? why, if you only knew...
02. music? everything... punk rock, rock n'roll, opera,
Japanese music, soft stuff, alternative, pop, rap...
03. makeup? eyeliner, mascara, cover-up, LOTS AND LOTS of
04. bodyart? tattoos...FRAGILE and Ankh

01. wearing? my ex- boyfriend's skater pants, a longsleeve
grey shirt under a black t-shirt and my faithful Fred Durst
hat of Death
02. listening to? "Waking up Beside You" by Stabbing
Westward... damn you, Pick on the Dead Kid...this song has
been stuck in my head for a week now...
03. thinking of? Bob, but I wont tell you in what context ;)
04. feeling? bored and alone. probably because i have
nothing to do and no one is here.

01. bought? a pack of cigarettes at Smiley's
02. did? um... finished typing this sentance?
03. ate & drank? pepperoni pizza, mt. dew, and smartfood
cheese popcorn. god, I love Smiley's
04. read? Secrets of the Morning, by VC Anderews
05. watched on tv? The Drew Carey Show

01. club or houseparty? Houseparty
02. tea or coffee? coffee
03. high achiever or easy-going? easy going
04. beer or cider? cider
05. drinks or shots? drinks
06. cats or dogs? kitties! ^..^