LeaMarie Roquet

Priestess Of Fire
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2002-01-17 22:12:50 (UTC)

Boyfriends at Lunch and dropping skyscrappers on Grandmother.

For the most part today was a normal day. I was met at my
locker by both Josh and Nathan, and we went to the library.
Nothing new there. Zina was gone to a funeral somplace and
wasn't there. Only big difference there. At lunch though,
things took a change. Josh screwed up on something he said
and it was taken a little far by the others, so after that
Josh said about three words, to me. It's odd, it really
hurt me to see him like that. He was depressed and just
kinda sat there. That's not the normal thing he would've
done. Normaly he would've yelled at Nathan and told him to
shut up. I kinda think he was having a really bad day, at
least that all I hope it was. I know he's been wanting to
change his schedual for some time, and hasn't been able to.
*sighs deeply* I guess I fell a little more than I thought
I did about him. I've been worried about him since lunch;
even though I saw him after his Chem class. He gave me a
hug, because I made him. Well sorta. He didn't act vary
dejected that I made him hug me.

Ok, more onto the day. I'm hopping I can perk myself up
before I have to go the studio tonight. I should take a
quick run or at least do some yoga. *Shruggs* Maybe I'll
get to it. Well any way, in English class today, we were
talking about Native American creation myths. There was a
quote in the book and the teacher responded to it by
saying, "You wouldn't build a skyscrapper on you
Grandmother." I of course said I would: 'Specialy after
last night. She asked if the driveway was good enough to
walk on, and Daddy said it "was as good as it's going to
get." She called her ride and said that she couldn't go to
church because Daddy sai the driveway wasn't good enough.
Daddy got really mad and stormed outside and plowed the
driveway again. That's like the fifth time he's done that
in 2 DAYS!!! Momma was really mad at her too. I could've
killed her myself. I wish she'd leave...

I should start to get ready for class now. c-ya later!


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