What's up now?
2002-01-17 22:06:18 (UTC)

What;'s up kiddies?

So it's THURSDAY!!!! YIPPEEE!!! The beginning of yet
another wonderous weekend!!! Tomorrow in my 3 year
aniversary!! WOO HOOO!! GO US :) So anyways...Brian is
coming up tonight :) I cant wait to see him, I miss him
terribly!! But tonight, that will all be taken care of :)
Just a hug will be soo great! Anyways off that
subject...hehe :) So this week was pretty stressful, I
suposse it was the first full week of classes, but it
pretty much kicked my ass...I'm just exhausted!! But thats
what I get for wanting to be smarter...:) Oh fun news!!
I'm getting a new jewel for my tonge ring!! Brian picked
out his favorite, so I hope I love it :) and he is
bringing be my ring back!! I cant wait to have that again
too :) Yippeee!!! So anyways, I'm off for the
weekend...Hope yours going according to plan, and if you
don't have one, I hope you make some amazingly great