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2002-01-17 21:57:01 (UTC)

SuPa ScuRry

School today was just like any other ordinary day. First
period I had a geometry test, and Jenn helped me out on the
extra credit. Second Period was gym class and I had so much
fun playing volleyball, even though we kept losing. I was
kinda off, but oh well. Eve is on my volleyball team....and
she's a sweet girl, a bit eccentric at time, but still
nice. And I dunno, today I couldn't be as free and openly
happy with Eve as I usually am....because Joe is going to
ask her out. And Joe is my best friend, and he likes her
and he thinks she is pretty and she obviously likes him
too. But.....I LOVE JOE. Ok, I honestly truely from the
bottom of my derranged and opinionated him.
But I won't bring myself to go out with him. But whenever
he starts to finally get involved with a girl....what I
always urge him and push him to do, I end up feeling kinda
upset, neglected, insecure, and just....sad. and its weird,
it esp. happens whhen i know or am friends w/ that girl.
So....what is a girl to do? Nothing. exactly. nothing.

But it's like feels weird w/ Joe, like we
arent as close as we were. But I know this feeling, I
recognize it, I sometimes get it when I havent seen him for
awhile. and i HAVENT seen him for awhile, but still..this
time it feels like i'm losing him, n its never gonna be the

Back to my day....

Third period I had chem. w/ Hinds. Umm....we did scientific
notation, and it was so easy that i breezed right thru it.
After that I had a English quiz in english class. Nothing
else to interesting in that class. Ummm...then i had lunch.
Amanda was making fun of the way Eve was
actually kinda amusing. Nothing hurtful. Then I had history
and we had the seats all mixed around cuza this frosh
thing, and I was sitting w/ Cait and Kristen as usual, but
Jared was at our table too. And me n Kristen M.(not
musolino.....martinez) were trying to not laugh our asses
off cuz his friend ryan kept coming over n saying really
weird things to him and then they kept looking at us and we
were trying to keep str8 faces, and then i copuldnt wait 4
him after class....i like ran away as fast as i could.
french class was cool cuz i did all the hw and me and dan
and erin were just talking n making fun of ashley and her
new ex crush and her shallow ways. And there is this guy
across the hall in the classroom....D225 i think, and i
think he;s really cute. prolly a junior. he sits next to my
friend aurelie i can get the info from her.

then last period we had this sub. in multimedia desktop
publishing. he was like hitting on me and a few other
people it was hilarious. and he like got tangled in the
blinds. ahh joe's calling me now, b'byeez

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