The quietest friend
2002-01-17 21:08:13 (UTC)


I'm going fucking nuts. I had two more nightmares last
#1...I was in bed and I heard someone in my house so I
got up and lit a lighter so I could see in the pitch black. I looked
all over the bedroom and found nothing. Then I lit a piece of
cardboard on fire for light to explore the rest of the house but I
did not find anything. By the time I got back to the bedroom a fire
was out of control, there was black soot all over my hands and I was
burnt. I woke and I swear that I could smell the fire in my throat.
Fire has always been my biggest fear.
#2...I was driving down the highway and I notice dead
animals of all sorts on the road. All of a sudden a dog runs out in
front of my car. I slam on my brakes and instead of the dog running
off the road he runs over top of the car unharmed. (Strange but
whatever) I continue down the highway at a high speed then a HUGE
grey wolf is in the road but this time as I slam on the brakes the
wolf lunges at the windshield and comes right through it (the glass
does not break) I can feel the wolfs fur on my arm and face. I am
terrified. Then just as suddenly the wolf disapears doing no harm. As
I look back at the road my speeding car goes out of control around a
curve. I hit a guard rail on my side of the car. I am going so fast
and I can feel the guard rail breaking as I keep sliding along it.
There is a huge drop off on the other side of the guard rail. The
guard rail finally snaps off and I fly off the side of the highway. I
woke up so scared I could feel all of my blood rush to my hands and