Shellys world
2002-01-17 20:47:11 (UTC)

Weird Dream !

My dream last night was:

Kasie was a disquised killer and she had a troop set up in
the woods and one side of our house was woods the other
side was a road and the other side is swamp.Well the reason
we found out she was a killer is Jacob had came up missing
and we looked and looked and then we found his body in the
swamp and he had gotten shot.Then kasie kept sneaking
around and she tried to kill cj and I had the gun in my
hand and told her not to do it because even though she was
my sister i would. then she let go and ran then she came
back but with some friend and acted like nothin had
happened.and we was sitting in the living room talking and
noel had learned what had happened and he came in there
with a gun threatening to shoot and I said no we will take
her home to mom like she had asked before and then he said
ok.Then later on she started acting all weird and told her
friends to kill us so they shot and killed Noel and
Me ,Cj,and Chris was on the run from her and I went and
unchained Duke(My dog) and we went on a run from her and we
went into the swamp there were some other people in there
as well and I`m screaming at them saying How could you over
and over again .The next thing I knew us three plus Duke
was sitting in the swammpy lake and then I woke up.
I was thinking that my sis and her friends were possessed
because one moment she was normal and the next she was a