The quietest friend
2002-01-17 20:38:46 (UTC)


I Had A nightmare last night.
I was a passenger in a car driving down
the road. There were two men in the back seat that I
did not know. All of a sudden we were on a familiar bridge and there
was a horrible accident. There was a girl about my age in the
road, her body was severed at her chest and she was upright
in the road. Waving her arms, her mouth open in a silent
scream. There was blood splattered all over the road. As we
drove on I noticed the hellicopter coming to life flight her from the
scene. I couldn't believe there was so much blood. The girl was in so
much pain. She was mangled so bad that there was no way she should
still be alive. Nobody was helping her, The hellicopter was coming
but it was obvious that they were to late to help her.