2002-01-17 20:15:09 (UTC)

Steve and Me: Both Wiccan. He does not Know.

This is about my new lover. I have three now.
All three have agreed to share me. They see the wisdom in this. Or all three will lose the best
pussy they had in their lives.

(Excuse My French please).

Steve and I met via DreamMates.Com injunction with
Cupid's Junction. He paid to e-mail me. We both
are a year apart from each other.

We are both each other's love sign. I am a Gemini
and he is a Libra, both of us have the ruling planet of Venus in our signs. Which is the Goddess
of Love.

I just received a startling revelation, He is a warlock and I am witch and he does not know it.
That is why he was attracted to me, because I
am a wiccan and so is he. Not all of us of Irish
descent realize this. But we are.

I learned to evoke my powers early in life.
But our wiccan is not bad, it is good.
It is of Love potions and spells. Not the evil
kind betrayal in Movies and such like.

The Lord over all of us has servants and helpers
to help him out and watch over us. Like the Angels, he also has minor gods and goddesses
under him, two are Fate and Destiny. When they
bring two people together, The Lord over all of
us has the final blessings and approval of the

Also other warlocks and witches are drawn to each
other. Interesting huh?

-Karissa Anne-