Summer Storm

the sun shines, but I don't
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Summer Storm

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I have nothing worthy of sharing here.
My embarrassment about my unhappiness is huge - I failed the most important life obligation: to be happy.
I can't stand the idea of people reading it and wishing me the strength to overcome my intrinsic inabilities.
I thought I could still bring hope, beauty and positivity using different perspectives, but I was wrong. One cannot pour from an empty vase.

My creativity is castrated and my mind is weak, infected by an unknown spiritual disease that disables the reproduction of Quantum Love Cells.
The way I am seeing myself and my life, makes it extraordinary that I'm not willing to kill myself.
I won't. I will delay my death for as long as I can, just like I delay all of my responsibilities.

In the meantime, I'm doomed to live the rest of my life inside this black&white reality in full HD.

My life is like an absurd and extremely boring psychological thriller movie, and to my horror, my depression turned off the commercials.

Hello cruel world.

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