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Hey everyone! I am an everyday woman who lives an everything BUT "normal" life. LoL. To meet me in person, you would never guess that these are my deep personal thoughts and situations. I have experienced alot through my life, somethings not my fault, other things very much my fault. I've learn to reflect upon myself and to grow as a person. However, everyday life is a struggle for me.

I'm torn..... between my current life and the lifestyle that I want and feel like I need. I have many many responsibilities and obligations and personal insecurities that can make things difficult.

I deal with alot of crap in my life.... between my job as an ICU nurse, to being a mom of special needs kids, to being in a sexless loveless marriage where I harbor so much anger, to being a daughter and granddaughter to family that needs my help, to also trying to find my true self as a submissive and wanting to explore and learn as much of the BDSM lifestyle as I can.

This journal is very raw, very personal, and very much unfiltered. Please don't hesitate to write or comment if you feel the need to or want to. Please understand...... I'm doing the best I can with what I have to work with.
Not all my entries are public. The ones that aren't public are either unfinished journals, or.... I feel that the information should not be shared. Otherwise.... I try to stay open and as honest as I can.

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