Mrs Pankhurst's Chagrin

Trying To Save My Marriage
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Mrs Pankhurst's Chagrin

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I am a mother. I am a wife. I have lost the rest of me.

I live a very self-sufficient rural life.

My life revolves around cleaning, growing food, bringing up my toddler son, caring for the animals and trying but failing to be the perfect housewife, wife and mother.

I have a bit of a cottage industry selling plants, eggs and crafts but have absolutely no spare money.

I have come here because although I do have another blog I have done it so long I feel like my readers are my real friends and I don't believe in burdening friends with your woes. This diary is full of my problems and hopefully one day solutions - read it at your peril.

The only redeeming feature (and I'm blowing my own trumpet here) is I am (apparently) an engaging and funny writer, I should make you laugh even when things are depressing - which they will be - and the worse life gets, the better I write, so at least you can come along and have a good old chuckle at my sorry excuse for a life.

I am not great at replying to noters, forgive me this. This diary is all about me, me, me and moaning a lot. I wouldn't recommend anyone reads it, but if you do, I welcome your advice and criticism, kind words and slaps around the metaphorical face if I deserve it.