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my diary is 18 PLUS RATED!!!
Please be aware of this before you read and make comments. Thank you.

The people and events outlined in this diary are entirely fictional - this is a fantasy of mine, and I bring it to life by writing up each part as it happens in my imagination.


i met my Master on 7th May, 2013. It has been a journey of excitement and discovery for me ever since :)
i belong to Him completely, heart, mind, body and soul. He is my world, my everything.

We have shared many ups and downs along the way, and all are recorded here :)
i hope you enjoy O/our continuing journey with U/us :)
Please feel free to leave a message or ask any questions you wish :)
i most often reply, or my Master sometimes will :)

Just one note... my Master sees all my messages. Please be respectful to Him if you message me... thankyou :)


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