If You Break It...


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Let me just Start by saying....if you

break it..... then its broke.

If its broken then it doesn't work

And when it doesn't work what do you do?

Maybe you shake it? Or maybe you pound on it a little out of frustration?

Maybe you curse it...Maybe you throw it across the room ?

And now you hate it ! What a piece of Crap.

Maybe just get rid of it. Yeah.... you could do that.

But after all didn't you break it?

Hello my name is Ellen and I have

been driving through life with a broken


Born unwanted to angry adults set her

on course....destination to Us. This

will be about the life "We" are living

as a Broken self. The broken self is

dangerously close to collision.

A little girl should never have

To understand such Hatred & Fear.

She broke and found a unique way of surviving

Which led her to Us.

Please Remember ..If you break it….

then its broke. And when it's broken

there are problems.

Main Caretaker