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Killing Lions
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Jake 🇺🇸

Language: English
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I'm an American, university, doctorate student writing about my life. This diary is all about me. My inner thoughts and struggles mainly in terms of my relationship with friends and romantically to women. I'm a work in progress.

This diary isn't a regular thing, don't expect me to post anything, it's just something I do when I'm bored, lonely or have strong feelings (usually sadness). I don't think of myself as a depressed person and it's definitely not my intention to seem depressed in my entries. I think everyone would be surprised how much different I am in real life than what I write here.

I consider myself quite attractive, due mostly from the kind of woman I've been able to date. Physically I'm a tall (6' 4"), athletically built, blond hair, blue eyes, 27 yo guy. People have told me I look like Rick Cosnett. My friends describe my style and tastes as "country-side". I enjoy having space and I'm always up for an adventure with friends. My personality type is ENTJ (unfortunately, I can be quite intimidating). I work out and run a lot, almost every day actually.

A big side of me is my academic interests: I'm a huge science nerd, I consider myself pretty smart (as arrogant as it is to make such a claim). My day job is that I'm a scientist working in a government lab, though, I make more money trading stock (I'm very obsessed with numbers and analysis). I'm also one of those "parent pleasers" with the honors, all the A's and shit... I'm probably the world's biggest "try-hard", trying to get everything right; i never do. Spiritually I'm a Jesus lover. My faith has given me a new life and a reason to live and love.

I also enjoy getting feedback so don't be shy, I promise I'll be nice :)