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A little Me for You :)
Sorry, but I won't include my full name or any legit information about myself. Just basic things really; my likes & dislikes, etc..

Name's Jocee, short for Jocelyn. Although I prefer being called by Jocee, Jossie, or Jos :) I love reading novels, listening to music, long walks, stand up comedy, night drives, cold nights, nice people, and The Winter <3

I wouldn't really describe my own personality myself, as I leave that kind of judgment up to my surroundings. But if i could just, summarise a little of how I find myself as, I'd say; I'm quiet, down to earth, calm, patient, open to anything, and really, just a nice person in general I guess.. I'll leave the rest up to you.

I dislike large bits of onion, pumpkin, rude people, foul language, rumours, unfairness, adoption, etc..
Especially clowns -

Email; [email protected]
Facebook Page; Jocelyn Ulimasao
Tumblr; (still in process)
Mobile; 0403541147, no pranking please.
Current stay; Australia, Victoria, Melbourne, Noble Park.

Idols/Artists; Leona Lewis, Steven Frayne, Russel Peter, Carl Baron, August Rigo, Jim Carey, Amanda Seyfreid, King Julian from Madagascar ^ aha.

Well, I hope I've given enough. If you'd like to know more ? Please, don't hesitate to contact me in any way. My Diary will probably give out enough me & my deeply detailed thoughts.

Thanks for even taking the time to read. Means alot :) good day to you, may Happiness come to you all.