John Doe

Chronicles of a Drifter
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John Doe

Language: English
Total entries: 169
Followers: 10

Sex: Male
Age: 16
Country: USA
State: California

I'm not your average dude but I still get around I guess. I'm into literary stuff and poetry and you know, stuff like that. My favorite music is heavy metal. I can't stand country. Taylor Swift is bearable though. Not to mention, very good looking. I have a shitload of pent up issues, rage, and sadness. I'm starting this crap just to have something to write in when I'm at home. I can't have any privacy up in this bitch. Wanna know any other stuff, see pics, whatever you want, just hit me up on the feedback button of the diary page.


I'm leaving the old about yourself because I think that it's funny to see what I wrote when I was 16. I'm 20 now and I've changed a bit. I went on a hiatus from this thing for a long time and I can't promise myself or anyone else that I'll be a regular but I'll still write more often now that I bought a 1,000 dollar laptop. I'm trying to get my shit together and find purpose and get some sort of trophy at the moment. I'll document what my mind and body allow me too.