Into the looking-glass


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The basics:
Name; Ken (I go by Spiritrunner typically)
Age; 26 (I'mma old fart! O_O)
Sex; male
Occupation; Security officer

So, if all of this is normal (and kinda geeky), why do I
have this journal? Well, the answer is that I try my best
to follow a spiritual lifestyle, and I like the idea of
having a place to write down my thoughts. As few as they
are at times.

What sort of path do I follow?
The best term i can use is that I follow the 'salad bar'
approach of spiritualism. I'm not a part of any specific
teaching be it mainstream or non- but rather I take a nip
from here, a dash from there... a plate of Buddhism, toss
on some ideas from shamanism, a little zen, a pinch of
modern new-age, and a sprinkle of insanity. (My favorite
is the last part, which is revealed in my first two posts)

So if you want a peek at a mind that looks in from outside
any sort of box, step up and have a gander. I don't
mind. Heck you can even say hello if you want. I like it
when people say hello.