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I have decided to give diary writing a go for a couple of reasons:

1) To get back into practice writing stuff


2) To try to log where I am and what I am doing at any given time. Which is kinda the point of a diary in the first place. I'll move along..

Where to start.... I am 33 years old, male, live in London (that's the original one in England, by the way. Not a village in Connecticut or somewhere) and have been with my girlfriend for 8 years and 3 days as I write this.

As the title of the diary suggests, I'm a tad on the cuddly side, but probably not the whale shaped blubber man you imagined when you first read the title. "Tales of a Fat Bastard" is a bit more catchy than "Diary of a slightly chunky bloke who, at 6 foot 5 can carry a bit of weight and still get away with it".

Oh, and I work in an office for a bank in International Trade Services, a title which probably gives far more of an illusion of grandeur than it deserves. I basically get paperwork, read paperwork, type information from paperwork into a computer. I do processing, basically. I've been doing this since February this year. I only started as I was forced to leave my last job as my employer (the same bank) was making everyone redundant.

Before that I was a self-employed plumber for 2 years. I hated it.

Before THAT I was a bar manager for 8 years.

My C.V. confuses many people, even myself.