The Diary Of Hunter

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Hi my name is Hunter. I am a 12 year old Canadian girl, born, raised, and living in Canada. (Proudly Canadian)I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and am very smart. School is fun for me at most times because, its easy! And hey grade 6 is easy ! My favorite colors are Yellow and Green, but yellow is my all time favorite and stands out to me. My favorite number is 4. It's unique to me, and different! I have 2 sisters and loving parents. I am not a 'spoiled rich kid' but am a normal child. I consider my self as blessed and truly lucky for the life I have. I am not baptized, but have very strong Christian/Catholic beliefs and pray every night. I have wonderful friends and a great family who takes care of me.. This may sound sappy but hey, this is about me and it wont be lies. Enjoy my diary as it will be filled with true stories and events of my life!