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As simple as a lot of people think it
is, it's hard to just sit down and
write what you're feeling. No
premeditated thought, just writing.
I mean, if I just wrote what I thought,
I'd probably have a million novels, and
a billion diaries filled to the brim
with the boring and the funny, and the
rest. But, I don't. Because, we all
know the product of that would be a
jumbled up mess. What a boring thing to
read. Who really wants to read
something that jumps from hula hoops,
to tuna fish within a paragraph time-

I'd have to say, I think my ideas are
good. I'd read my ideas. Well, probably
not. Because, I'd have to write it. So,
that would be boring. But, I'm saying
they're clever sometimes. My biggest
issue isn't finding what to write. It's
staying consistent, and keeping up the
story-line without switching.

Like the hula hoop-tuna fish ordeal.
I'll think of the whole set, the
emotion, the feeling, the thoughts of
one scene. But, I can't express it
properly. It's all there, I just can't
find the means to get it out. I won't
jinx it, and say I've finally found a
way. Because, no one may ever see this.
But, it's there. Or here, rather.
Mostly, or maybe not at all. But, at
least this is here. If I never get
around to doing anything with it, feel
free to read this teeny tiny paragraph
over and over and over again.