Blue Angel


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Not sure what to say, but that I'm a
Simple annoying girl. People find me
odd, and strange, but you will soon see
why. I am open minded, but not in that way.

I'm asexual in hiding, and am trying to
stop people wondering why I don't have a
boyfriend. I believe to be aromantic, and have no preference when it comes to women or men.

I am/feel international, and accept
other nations/cultures as long as they
don't force their opinion on me/others.

On paper I'm christian, but in all I
prefer to call God/Allah..etc a greater
power. Everything is possible, we just
might not comprehend it.

Because not everyone agrees with what I
just said, I need to carefully choose my
words, to avoid disputes. This means
that I have a strange way of talking, I
often dose off, and I change topics in
strange instances.