My World...Nothing Special


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This is just me...An ordinary girl,
nothing special or out of this world. I
do normal things with normal people, but
I do have those moments that are dare I
say, not so normal. I guess everyone has
those moments from time to time.

I have the most amazing boyfriend in the
entire world. He makes me feel like I am
something different. Like someone who
stands out even when they feel alone. I
never feel alone when we're together.
However when we are apart I sometimes
feel like I'm by myself, even when I'm
in a crowd.

I have the best friends and family ever.
They keep me going, even though
sometimes they're the reason I feel
lonely. Yeah, bad stuff happens but I
guess if you want a rainbow, you gotta
put up with the rain. Or something like

By now you've probably noticed that this
is the exact same as one of my diary
entries. I'm just cool like that.