that's the way the cookie crumbles
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I was born slightly behind schedule on
the morning of 8th May 1991. I have a
set of awesome parents anyone can ever
have. I have a twin, Khairuddin, and an
elder sister, Khairunnisa. I love my
siblings and they mean the world to me.
I was a student from South View Primary
and Swiss Cottage Secondary. I was
enrolled into Media Studies and
Management in NYP but dropped the place
the moment NP's offer for Mass
Communication. Presently, I am stepping
into my final year about to graduate
with a Mass Communication diploma from

Although I am turning 19, people have
told me that I don’t look my age. The
secret is lots of laughter, good friends
and staying happy no matter what gets
thrown at you.

My best friends are Fadhli and Melissa.
Fadhli and Melissa are total opposite.
On normal days, we treat one another
like strangers but when shit happens,
they are my first channel of venting out
my frustration. I've known Mel since we
were in primary school. I've known
Fadhli since we were in secondary

I'm hopelessly in love with a certain
crazyboy who makes me happier than I
already am. Khairul was my 18th birthday
gift (apart from the guitar). We started
dating December 2007 before getting
attached October the next year. What
happened in the middle before we got
attached are history. He loves his
family, friends and soccer like a lot a
lot. He's still amazed at the fact that
I have the same last name as his sister,
Izzati. He understands me very well and
has got that quality that ever girl
wants in their boyfriend. He's the best
I'll ever have.

During my free days, I hang out with my
friends or cousins or siblings.
Honestly, I have more guy friends than
girl friends. Isa, Zulhimi, Jauhari,
Qayyum, Hidayat, Shahrin, Farah,
Shahzrin, Shasha, Rachel and Fatin, are
the best people alive apart from my
family, cousins, best friend and

In case you're wondering, I work part
time as a clinic assistant at my dad's
friend's clinic which happens to be near
my boyfriend's house, so when he's free,
he would fetch me from work. I've been
working there ever since after my O

I guess that's all there is to know and
do enjoy your stay :)