Miuki's Adventure Journal


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I am useing Miuki as my alias, as i dislike giving
my name out online. Also, everyone that i
mention here will also have aliases. I'll make a
list here for easy reference.
Anywho; I'm not good at talking about myself
like this, so... yea... I can, however, tell you that i
am 17, 18 in September, and that I'm going to
be an artist. The Aliases are based on the ideas i
have for a manga i want to bring to life.

Kaitos=Best Friend
Jade=Kaitos' friend whom is to be his GF soon
Koumuru=Cousine of mine
More to come as i think of them.

Things in the journal represent things in real life.
sword=my abilities as an artist as well as my
ability to get through situations.
Other items i recieve will also represent
something, but i will add them as i attain the
ability to 'use' them.