My journey


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I'm a 27 almost 28 year old mother of
two. Very sarcastic and playful. Piss
me off, and it will be the last thing
you do. j/k. Actually, no, I'm not :)

But seriously, I am a great person,
kind of a push-over. Trying to change
that. It's a learning process though.
It will take time. I am writing this
diary/journal so that I don't have to
write it by hand. My hand hurts when I
write. I decided to type it after I
already wrote about 10 pages of
stuff. :P

This journal/diary is for my benefit
only! I could care less about what
other people think of it. It's the
thoughts running through my head. No
one said you had to read it. I want
something I can look back at and savor,
remember, reminisce about. That's how
we learn and evolve :)

My diary/journal is not for the faint
of heart or the discriminate. It will
get graphic and a little dirty. But,
what would life be without a little
dirtiness thrown in? I'll tell

Enjoy :)