Simons life
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I think I know my name. Today's date is
01/03/10 and this is the first time I am using
this diary application. I was born on the second
day of september in the year was a

I am quiet...but I have my noisy moments. I love
music but not to a fault, I could use a couple
of movies when I am bored. I get bored very
easily and I am not easily offended. I get
easily ticked off by people who think they are
superior to me and people who think little of
me. I love women but not entirely to a fault. I
love sex.

Because of the way I have been treated, I love
to keep to myself but most times I can help
letting other people into my life by letting
them know certain things that are bothering me.
I try my best to please people to my own
detriment. I do most things without thinking
about the consequences (which I know is very

I hope to learn yoga and taekwondo when I resume
school fully.