Don't Give A Damn for Perfection


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Well let's see.. I pretty much describe myself
your not-so-average girl who lives a pretty
complicatedly simple life. I am the weirdest,
most random, sarcastic and insane person you'll
ever meet. I don't care much about what people
say to my face or behind my back. I've been
bullied almost my whole life because I'm
not ashamed of being myself. I'm the type of
person who hates negativity and is most likely
roll on the ground while walking (yeah, i do
a lot). I'm the type of girl you may just sit
anywhere and go chanting "la la la la la la la"
just because I feel like it. I am the girl who
LOVES reading, writing and music. I am the girl
who is obsessed with HARRY POTTER and AVATAR:
LAST AIRBENDER. I'm the kind of person who would
just start singing the campfire song song when I
want to. I am one of those people who hates
expectations and backstabbers and people who
judge. I take insults as compliments and
compliments as insults. I yell "DIE!" whenever
someone tells me that I look pretty or cute. I
the type of girl who DESPISES guys and sees them
as worthless, annoying and idiotic. I am one of
those girls who gets mistaken as a tomboy
of who-knows-what-reason. I am the girl who
shopping, make-up, nail polish and isn't at all
interested with new clothes. I love mother
and thought about being an environmentalist when
I was 9. I love sports and tree climbing and
screaming in front of people's faces just to say
hi. I prefer it better when my hair is in a
ponytail but i barely have time to tie it. I'm
not one of those girls with short hair. I like
hair to always be able to reach the middle of my
back. I go to different sites because of boredom
and is currently studying how to speak greek. I
enjoy graphology, eye, color and dream reading.
have developed my auric sight and find chakras
be interesting. I have always loved Greek
Mythology and find myself to resemble to Artemis
the most. I study in all-girls school, so you
find me to have most of my friends as girls.
duh. I am currently 15 years old and a High
School Junior. You can call me Luna or C♥ for

Well, that's enough of an intro.
See ya dude