My Ruined Reputation
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I like to sleep. I'm bothered by things most people don't
think about throughout their entire lives. This does not
make me better than anyone. Instead, it makes me anti-
social, judgemental, and sometimes rude. It's not because
I hate people. It's because I want people to understand
what I think. They almost never do. I really want to give
people a chance, but in 98% of cases, they just make me
lose hope in the human race. If I'm the only person who
knows something, it feels like worthless knowledge.

I envy people who live in their own world away from all
the horrible problems of human society. Are they avoident?
Yes. Ignorant? Maybe. Happy? Yes. And isn't that the point
of life? To be happy?

The things I care about are problems that don't have
solutions, or that will never be solved. If I could trade
in my thoughts and awareness for simply being content, I
would. I wish I knew only what I was told, and never
wondered about anything that didn't already have an answer.

I don't believe in god. I don't believe in a point. I
don't believe people will ever truly understand
themselves. I believe all you can do is just exist. And I
wish I could just accept it.