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Someone Unimportant.

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I'm Kirsty, I'm 17 and a self proclaimed metalhead!!! I'm
into power metal mainly.

My favourite band is Manowar though. I love bands such as
Edguy, Freedom Call, Power Quest, Pagan's Mind, Syth, Lost
Horizon, Firewind and the likes.

I love piercings. I have 14. Lobes x4, Rook x1, Tragus
x1, Helix x2, Anti Helix x1, Nostril x1, Lip x1, Vertical
Lip x1, Off Centre Tongue x1.

A couple of tattoos next.

This journal is basically for me to get things off my
chest where people won't see. I'm not making it private
though as I'd like some feedback from people that don't
know me.