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Language: English
Total entries: 266
Followers: 9

Age : 24 _
Height : 5'11

The reason for this diary: is just to vent πŸ™‚and to record my days of living lol

My diary here is an open book.
- secrets
- thoughts
- fantasies
- desire
- goals
- challenges
- victories :)
- progression
- random thoughts during the day (basic things in my head that I do not say out loud like little comments here and there, and reactions that I don't really show in real life lol)
- and plans

Everything is here. If you're a hacker, please don't hack this account. I am broke and there is nothing important here except this diary. I really need this diary for when I turn 40 :) A girl got to record down her life to look back on. Life is beautiful and amazing so I need to do this.

Thank you