Slowly descending into madness
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Hello there, I'm Halcón (Hawk in Spanish). Well, I don’t speak Spanish, I'll be writing here in English and Bangla both. You're dealing with a PMDD patient here. So my emotions are strong and I need to vent somewhere. This piece of diary/blog is also how I track my growth. I try to be completely honest about everything here. And I try to accept the grossest part of me. I want to be in peace with myself so first part is acceptance. So here I am, writing so I can accept myself.

Oh. A bit of personal details you're looking for hm?
Age: 24
Nationality: Bangladeshi
Pronouns: I really don't give a shit but yall care a lot.
Gender: F
What else do you wanna know about a person you don't care to know about?

Nature mesmerizes me. Loud noise and bright lights give me migraine. I try to stay busy most of the time. Oh, I'm both surprised and tired by life at the same time.

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