Its always the quiet ones
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About me: I am a quiet person living in an old broken down house near the Pacific Ocean. I am in my late 30’. I’m married to a very kind and intelligent man that sufferers from hoarding. I write here to help me understand what I am living through. And I am finding as I write that in different ways it is both better and worse than I realized. This diary helps me to see things and helps me to have the words to explain it to others. What I post here is a bit polarized, it’s the most extreme parts of my life, the things I need to understand better and work through. My life is mostly calm, happy, and boring. I am a very gentle person.

My diary is for 18 only, as I write in detail about our sex life. I flirt a little, but I do not have sex chats on here.

Messages, questions, and advise are always welcome and have often been helpful.

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