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  Diary name Entry title Diary owner Entries Language
* Confessions of a Psychotic Model them vs. US   eon314 350 English 
* FUCKED received a responds to my inquiry..   An unwelcome person 521 English 
Just Another Girl September TBR List.   Just Another Girl 58 English 
Fish Out of Water my mind is so hazy   Rachel 4 English 
Heartbreak and Healing - HAH consuming thoughts   awalkerp 17 English 
* Fuckity Fucks. Falling in love   hell on heels 746 English 
The Gypsy's Mysterious Christmas Pr The Gypsy's Mysterious Christ..   SweetGypsy 19 English 
My Diary I dont want to Die in Pain!!BUT G..   Big John 89 English 
* My Bipolar Journey Cooler Saturday   Jon 1715 English 
P MyDarknessLives My minority   theolor 293 English 
QWERTY's Adventures in Submission rough around the edges   QWERTYas1 8 English 
P A Subs Space... OVER 18! P.M.A   softtoy 1682 English 
Lost Soul First time   lostkitty 1 English 
* Emma Kaplan Again   Emma kaplan 43 English 
Waking Dreams #1a (and preamble..)   Tricia 178 English 
Brian Early Morning Evil Spirit Attack   Jerseyguy77 8 English 
P Karen's Acumenous Thoughts Making our way!   Soul Searcher 1161 English 
Autumn's Diary Moving into Another College   Autumn Melody 100 English 
* My Life And The Oxymoron Sleep   sweetnspicy76 237 English 
* Life & I A Bipolar Thing?/A Bit Worried   The Mentally Ill 368 English/Gibberish 
Unchaining Myself Today was really hard. I..   maskedgirlintherain 41 English 
am i unforunate or less thankful Still here an..   torn lace 53 English 
P My Life Thus Far An Evolutionary Fail   Interrupted 2086 English 
Lyon's den birth of a grandson   Psycho Lyon 21 English 
The Miraculous Disturbed   MiraculousSoul 4 English 
* Craig\'s Day Day 26:Lots of clever work; Great..   Craig G Clark 26 English 
My newfound college life 365 journal prompt 239   iloveyou 431 English 
* No Hurry, No Worry Rupture   Jippy 1257 English 
tall Paul Kimo levay ( his brother satin hi..   Paul 226 English 
wickedsgirlx chaotic life Kinda sad today   wickedsgirlx 4 English 
Thoughts of a single, male, grad student waiting for love...   Jake 136 English 
🌕 🌖 🌗 🌘 🌑 🌒 🌓 🌔 i thought i was over it   aeiou 3 English 
Nabl No hot water   Nabl 15 English,Russian 
Black Rose We Don't Have The Same Music ..   midnightstars 16 English 
P Transitional Woman Smelling Like A Rose   Jessica 55 English 
L's Diary 711th Mensiversary   LKSeat 10 English 
* My heart in a knot More productive   rainy 1163 English  
Secrets of a married woman Broken promise   tdunn 2 English 
two "The hand is the most frequen..   two 47 English 
Canary in a Coal Mine Exercise before breakfast!   Andrew 10 English 
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