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* Forbidden to remember terrifed to forget Passion isnt the key or I would s..   Free Spirit 110 English 
MusicalDivaStar Rainy day, melancholy day, whatev..   Regan Shedd 68 English 
* Aphrodite's Diary Adultery   Aphrodite1369 250 English 
Confused_LIBGIRL Life   lynda61599 82 English 
MyDarknessLives Was alirght   theolor 17 English 
UniquelyCrying 7 more days till i go   Zeris 7 English 
My Own Prison Breaking The Cycle   Born Again Villain 80 English 
P Tempis Fugit Agnostic   Time Flies 354 English 
* Amazingly, I survived my Life 1991 REVIEW (PART SEVEN)   Phillip Wilson 237 English 
TammieTyme Day 10 Appreciate good support   TammieTyme 12 English 
A Part of Me Random Facts.   apartofme 130 English 
The Anger Games Grandma leaves tomorrow what   The Nerd 35 English 
FungusAmongus MIGHT be :P   Shotgun.Jelly25 36 English 
My Journey Friend Request Request   Jim 19 English 
* Dear Diary holy shit 19 English 
P Who cares? ^-^   who knows? 17 English 
Zubicu's place Entry one-hundred   Zubicu 100 English 
My journey Why the fuck do I cry   missy 19 English 
Somewhere In Dreams Day 10, Appreciate good support.   Stargazer 17 English 
Summer Should we talk about the weather?..   Aurore Cagner 8 English 
This life I love to live~ Birthday is over!   Caitlyn 19 English 
How can we? 2015-03-04   Mrs.Nobody 36 English/Francais 
Nothing of Importance Breathing   altertonii 6 English 
Random Thoughts Of Mine Feeling Your Pain   Advisor 5 English 
* Slippage Bored   Jeffrey1f 170 English 
* megamind life is meaningless giving up   kaytarinap100 57 English 
P Loving my life~ Message for mom   Lavender Lilac 1117 English 
Kai Transript and L   KaiMai 56 English 
Me and my twisted life just learned   Nomad_IRL 20 English 
P Who I Am Thinking of Doing a Sequel   J-Lin 93 English 
My altered mind Pocket Journal   Private 6 English 
Anwar's diary my life   Anwar 1 English 
lucid dreams and acid nightmares I feel the edge of familiar..   jem 1 English 
Confusing life of a teen I always keep telling myself..   Emma1357 29 English 
Lyf of Stardust Silence   Paradise Stardust 16 English 
* shygurlcollege20 one bad thing can be happiness   personalgurl 309 English 
My adventures with Sestralin Day 1   brooksc33 2 English 
Floating on the lonely junkyard Moist Vagina   cosmiclover 36 English 
Melon Colie and the Infinite Saddness Anger subsided   Phoebe333 28 English 
Stupid thoughts I don't know what to do anymo..   Megan998 3 English 
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