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  Diary name Entry title Diary owner Entries Language
Just teen stuff Jonathan Creek   Micheal97 19 English 
our dialog SATURDAY? HOPES SO   deanne and Connor 119 English 
My true feelings Can't help but wonder   agoonen2330 4 English 
Sleeping Bear Sunny 351 English 
Life-of-pain I miss him   dawn1973 23 English 
His Cuddles Nice to know....   Cuddles 307 English 
downsizeme why surgery 2 English 
My Life struggles and thoughts Another day   Anonymous Girl 14 English 
Desahogo el arte de la autoflagelacion   Pao02 6 English 
tall Paul 🐒 storks 🐒   Paul 302 English 
* Ghost writer. Pale Grey Skies.   Amber-Rose. 129 English 
Něco jako deníček :-) 2   Kamila 5 English 
* My fucked up life Rape surivors 101:   Emily Lynn 482 English 
* My letter to the World Random words   Katie-Brave 276 English 
* My Life And The Oxymoron Weight and dating   sweetnspicy76 266 English 
Pure Narcissism Just one more day. Just ..   portalgrapes 4 English 
#100daysofhappiness Day 46   magdalenka 45 English 
P Bottled Up Why Amputate? Recondition Instead..   J 72 English 
Lonely 15 - Dreams   A 14 English 
intoxicated What I thought was the beginning ..   XxLovinSuicidexX 18 English 
Lost in Thought We Part   Luminous 170 English 
live from the pinkroom aftermath   pinkmiss 223 English 
Depression and other stuff School and cutting   Scotty 6 English 
P Sorrows n Bliss Thought Catalog   Ms Perfekt Legs 419 English 
's diary Hello to those who message me   4 English 
Broken Soul ...   Abbey🌺 29 English 
* My adventures with life Its a rainy day!   I don't know 1425 English 
Interrupted Need it...   Woman Interrupted 13 English 
Danielito Still texting for some reason.   Snuffy 71 English 
new sub diary We met   ml48 58 English 
Changes Wow!   mistyblue 25 English 
* love in da air Shayari   precious love 56 English 
* anxiousgurl Just want to cry :(   springgurl 592 English 
* Kate Thankful Thursday   Katiegirl 316 English 
My Random Bits Day-12.0   Lil 9 English 
P A Subs Space... OVER 18! Not a bad day   softtoy 1757 English 
Need Someone To Just Listen Any advice?   4geta8outme 14 English 
pastrycrisps Holy shit. Qu..   emtheminorchord 22 English 
the walk Thrusday and more   miki 64 English 
If It Aint Broke Trigger Warning   Satin Goddess 111 English 
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