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  Diary name Entry title Diary owner Entries Language
* how it goes comfort   Shellie 1514 English 
* Aphrodite's Diary Ero's Turn To Speak   Aphrodite1369 85 English 
My Dirty Little Secret's Here's the deal on My life R..   Confused 50 English 
my diary My Silent Blue Heart   Mr. Blue 3 English 
* Amazingly, I survived my Life 2000 REVIEW (PART FOUR)   Phillip Wilson 223 English 
liberated soul Marathon day   amit 3 English 
Riyadh's Diary i hate being mean   Riyadh 42 English 
I wonder... Sweet jeaolusy   ShadowAngel 8 English 
Meat is Murder MUST DO THINGS   StressedOut 28 English 
Yppah Sea of life   Cloudy heart 6 English 
My DOUBLE LIFE Mexican Lonely Girl problems   Deena2112 50 English 
* The Broken Ones Cleaning and Shopping   Izzy 183 English 
* Idiot's Guide to Self-Destruction falling apart   God is Dead 253 English 
Southern Gypsy The start of my online diary.   South Divine 1 English 
That Girl No title   laylay 4 English 
Future Hard to put my thoughts to words...   bigboy2014 84 English 
* This Is My Diary ~~my f**ked up life NEW SONG   High School Graduate Student 537 Ghetto Fabulous 
A lady in the crowd Mi Piquito De Oro.   Anne Lee Flores 144 English 
RiRi my future.   R 2 English 
As it happens What is happening?   Anapala 1 English 
* I Love My Life! It's done.   Seneca 1259 English 
* Life interrupted alive and kicking   Master's bae 296 English 
* A bit of myself Just a note   Sunflower 300 English 
Superglue Good Monday, Dull Weekend.   Sebbie 33 English 
Fuck my life wow...   destroyed_mentally 4 English 
17   17 English 
P Darling Diary. A Big Piece of Core   Morrigan Blackwood. 363 English 
Hope everything will be alright 实在还是要写点什么   zoe 14 English 
* mostly weird No Boundaries   bunbun 345 English 
my feelings some more secrets   lady engineer 40 English 
The making of pi Narnia and the Matrix..........   pi 183 English 
My life 18 and Single   broken-inside 67 English 
PRAYERS Monday   Alicia 50 English 
The Milky Sky My november in a nutshell.   Milky 57 English 
Learning to Adapt Insomnia   KhameleonKyle 2 English 
Lookingformyself newest craze!   Jeigh 12 English 
Tranquility Journey to Complete Celibacy   Frankly_Yvette 1 English 
The break up lond week   CCvas3189 4 English 
Life Lessons...Letters to my Children A little introduction...   QueenBri 1 English 

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