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  Diary name Entry title Diary owner Entries Language
* Cynthion I'm sorry,I know this is redu..   C. 171 English 
My Journey 2nd Week   obesegirl 6 English 
* VINO Today   belle 183 English 
Little Star's Life Hello Diary   Twinkle★ 1 English 
college my coughing at night has been bad..   esjare 199 English 
Undisclosed Desires Dear April   Kya 7 English 
To_Travel_is_to_live Blah   MissDiamond 2 English 
BoyWonder Has The Jitters Help Me Again...   BoyWonder 62 English 
P DIARY OF A MAD WOMAN *shrugs*   Karma's a bitch! 102 words 
* 46 Finally a Soulmate and oh I got Dx wi True Love   MB 128 English 
Rat Fire   The Rat 40 English 
psd83 My heart has been murder for most..   psd83 283 English 
* Filhaal No more vacations with him   Muflis 1129 English 
Sliv's Scribbles Questions to ask your BF: Would y..   crimsonrevils 10 English 
* discoloured ans bein   blossom 465 German 
Recovering Perfectionist GBF   Sal. 4 English 
P Being Sam Being a lazy bitch.   wedonttalk 764 English 
All for one Busted - Last Entry   A Prime Example 5 English 
Letters Never Sent Expulsion of emotion   WoundedAngel 2 English 
JohnPauls Diary Passover 2015   JohnPaul 7 English 
OpenBook the problem is.   Not your average guy 11 English 
* Slippage Taryn Part 2   Jeffrey1f 204 English 
What In the World Too much time on my hands part tw..   Vera Layne 37 English 
my life entry 2   innocent soul 2 English 
* aria_short foolish day fuckin choas of some ..   personalgurl 321 English 
* Thoughts Parkinsons   nutella 397 well it aint Dixie! 
My life Kodak moment   Sam 80 English 
* Searching... Morning Pages - 04/01   Ty 855 Mass Confusion 
* How not to live life.. Me, my cat, and a new dog!   Marie Kjellberg 17 English/Norwegian 
lost feelings April 1st   dishopeful 1 English 
P Fluffy Pink Clouds On A Bright Sunny Day 1st of April   Brenda the Fluffin' Writer 19 English 
* personal Kaise Bataoon Dil Kyu Betaab..   alka 351 English 
Sono un maestro di Ballo Il ruolo del capo   Marte 3 Italiano 
IlovePanda White   monnalynn16 16 English 
Confusing life of a teen Getting by   Emma1357 32 English 
i don't exsist missing u   luce 17 English 
Floating on the lonely junkyard the devil made flesh   cosmiclover 71 English 
the bulimic lost more weight   anonymous 12 English 
Summer just ugh   Aurore Cagner 34 English 
dear diary another start!!!   me 1 English 
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