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  Diary name Entry title Diary owner Entries Language
Unchaining Myself Fri 10/21   maskedgirlintherain 60 English 
Memoirs of a Romanov Domestic Violence   Anastasia Romanov 17 English 
Diary of a Lost Star Because She Loves You   dnlchoir13 12 English 
Simple and frugal a thing is happiness.. I was raped. Here's my story.   you can call me chestnut 3 English 
intoxicated Good-bye my friend   XxLovinSuicidexX 25 English 
Lost Sleepless   Mgrmike 1 English 
~thoughts~ uncle willie's candy shop   Aquamoon 7 English 
IntoDarkness Naked??   Just Another Guy 124 English 
tall Paul 😽 I guess I'm okay   Paul 370 English 
* My adventures with life a nice day   I don't know 1444 English 
Nabl The first day of the new year   Dark777 1 English,Russian 
Laura's diary Yawn   Laura 49 English 
* Craig\'s Day Day 79: Got a lot done and feelin..   Craig G Clark 79 English 
P My Inner Workings Here We Go...Again   Lady B 1 English 
* My heart in a knot Weakness...   rainy 1194 English  
venting thoughts I'll always miss you   chubbz 7 English 
Changes And it is ok.   mistyblue 53 English 
Llanfairpwllgwyngyll dear diary,I grocery..   jaded wanderer 12 English 
* I Love My Life! IT IS DONE!!!   Seneca 1368 English 
What are you saying? Confused.   Away. 139 English 
The Journal of Me Progress, but never enough...   Kat 6 English 
Thoughts of a single, male, grad student The best boss ever   Jake 145 English 
live from the pinkroom update on boys   pinkmiss 233 English 
Life As It Is... I'm very tired....   Simonhenry 8 English 
All About Me Bio Part of You   smhmak 21 English 
* life with ray dear dave   xx 1424 English 
* Ghost writer. So Sick.   Amber-Rose. 153 English 
MindfulRamblings The internal fight   DiaryQwerty 98 English 
* ConfessionsofanEarnestHeart Why do I keep picking abusers?   Elle 257 English 
lustful longing That kiss.   trucknorris 10 English 
Angry Insomniac Puking and Miserable   TheInsomniac 46 English 
Mine, Yours & Ours First Rise, First Fall   salgholland1 1 English 
Lily Diary The 7th of January 2015   Lily 7 English 
Diary of a Medium Di Ombra e di Luce...   keiradeangelis 34 Italian 
My newfound college life I'm failing   iloveyou 497 English 
* Confessions of a Psychotic Model me and my vices   eon314 357 English 
* Journal of a Naughty Girl Journal of a Naughty Girl Part 10..   Jasmine 103 English 
Crazy Beautiful Unwrapped .. by Paige   Paige 1 English 
P A Subs Space... OVER 18! Friday   softtoy 1797 English 
* In The World Of Ryan Eight Years   Ryan 277 English 
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