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Quotes by women, an Android application

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capsized burning bridges   Sunk 7 English 
白天不懂夜的黑 生日快樂   never_forever2015 5 English 
Wishing_For_Revenge I haven't written in here lik..   Sanity_Insanity 87 English 
清晰世界 做喜欢的事   luvx 12 Chinese 
Surviving A Good Day   makayla 1 English 
Loca lol   Rutyt 173 English/Lithuanian 
paradigma di vita fallire   sirenetta 25 English 
* Pies, Puns and Filthy Thoughts (18+) Frustrated Smutoo   Porky Pieman 277 English 
P Heart Of Many Hearts 26 august   Harish Yadav 561 Hindi + English 
Mindless Dreaming Stressed out😴   Ms.Nightmare 20 English 
* a girl like me Getting back to me (rus)   me 703 English 
Just my thoughts Felt it...   Tapikatchu 69 English 
Confessions from a Basketcase Hello me this is the real me.   christyblecher80 1 English 
CrazyDeal Solar Air Pump Oxygen Oxygenator ..   crazydeal 17 English 
P My Life Thus Far Hemorrhaging Money   Jennifer Interrupted 1730 English 
Tales of Subjugation A Sure Cure For Insomnia   Juguete 52 English 
* sanjay mantri eft 'मोसाद' mosad   sanjay mantri 2384 English hindi 
* my feelings dear diary, i ..   lady engineer 201 English 
JohnPauls Diary Stupid Stuff   JohnPaul 34 English 
d.a.i.s.y. Feminist Theory and the Philosoph..   jizziemcguire 126 English 
P Naughty but nice Exciting prospects   Garisma 146 English 
Safe&Sound. A 1 Week Forever.   Brittany 5 English 
LivingWithMyself Tell Me You're Okay   PYRO 19 English 
John's diary Mundane days and imaginative nigh..   John 122 English 
but no homo can you save my heavy dirty soul   yo homie serina 63 English 
can you not What they think?   Brooke the goat 22 English 
Lana Ryder New day.   CynicalSubconscious 4 English 
* Das Organisieren der Welt ein Kaffee auf school   West B 40 English 
Zee's Passion UNHAND ME INSOMNIA!!!   Zeephyra 4 English 
Curls in a row My Psychiatrist   Kalila 80 English 
Howling In Silence Howl 2: A Welp In College   Fenrir 2 English 
* To Be Honest... Loathing...Unadulterated Loathing   applegirl2345 253 English 
My Diary Just another day   SicilianQueen 2 English 
starcrystal86 I can't help people there. pe..   starcrystal86 15 English 
* TheBlueDetective Regret   Ginoza Nobuchika 400 English 
* Memories 8/26/2015 - Disney Princess Hair   lilv13t402 349 English 
the weird things in life my summer is pretty sucky   justwondergirl 12 English 
* I Just Keep Swimming Plans   DDuck 143 English 
* em0-ti0nal nothing else to say   em0-ti0nal 202 English 
Nowhere left to go but up Too Much Drama For This Mama   Jody 6 English 
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