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Floating on the lonely junkyard volver a sentir   cosmiclover 96 English 
mochi 可否再給我一次機會?   mochi 18 English 
Poems and chapters from my life This time I don't care   Dawnstar 162 English 
B Diaries He is gone!   BFREE 48 English 
Pen to Keyboard I'm graduating   aymia 31 English 
welcome to my thoughts Friday things.   c 31 English 
StilliStand Self Therapy   Nikki 56 English 
Making a new start I Broke Free   Emma Katherine Drake 8 English 
* Naeno's World Me   Naeno 42 English 
Interceptable changes Scars   One day at a time 32 English 
Waking Dreams A corner of the eye "glimpse&..   Tricia 7 English 
* Pies, Puns and Filthy Thoughts (18+) Quick Lick 18plus   Porky Pieman 283 English 
Life As I Know It Get Ready Ramble   Kenzie Ashlyn 5 English 
sex fantasy time Jerking   sexed82 18 English 
SCRIPTANGLE The Courage to Change.   Amanda-Jane 167 English 
P My Life Thus Far My Don'tgiveafuck is Broken   Jennifer Interrupted 1773 English 
Ang Sigaw ng Isip Ko Pangpitong Kilig   Hulaan Mo 7 Tagalog 
ramblings of a caffeinated fool empathy   caffeinated fish 3 English 
Madness do you feel good enough?   bloodyvalentine 8 English 
PRAYERS Friday.   Alicia 77 English 
Malik\'Dairy Hi   Samia Malik 1 English 
saveearth horrible   insanity 120 English 
Wishing_For_Revenge And I don't care about you an..   Sanity_Insanity 99 English 
Poems Take Me To Your Heart   angelpoems 41 English 
INFINITY you lost me   finz 37 English/Jibberish 
Do What You Fear Does it matter?   Blue 315 English 
Loca Nesu toks žmogus koks..   Rutyt 183 English/Lithuanian 
d.a.i.s.y. high school   jizziemcguire 128 English 
What In the World In which a drunken Vera contempla..   Vera Layne 103 English 
P Loving my life~ selfish....   Lavender Lilac 1202 English 
P MyDarknessLives Depression again   theolor 209 English 
P Here It Comes Friends and Complaints and Nightm..   LustingforNightmares 553 Inglés 
* The me that no 1 knows Letters to myself   That one girl 146 English 
* My adventures with life Kya karein?   I don't know 1207 English 
My Diary All Happy   Big John 62 English 
P The Trials of a Catholic Girl Talking and Joking with Friends   Brenda the Fluffin' Writer 147 American 
My life Who does my crush like??   CLuna 22 English 
P Dawn_The_Goddess Why Aliens Don't Visit   His College Girl 262 English 
* Thia When God wants to punish   Thija 210 English 
Drunken Diary I'd like to get a pet cat.   Ylonka 27 English 
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