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* Memories 12/1/15 - It's Finally Decemb..   lilv13t402 368 English 
P MyDarknessLives Vacuum   theolor 224 English 
welcome to my thoughts It's been quite awhile, hasn&..   c 68 English 
my boring diary i am so lonely   revolver 6 English 
The Scent of Books Like sea sickness   Maylina 2 English 
On The Road To Love Billy...billy...billy   MissouriGirl78 22 English 
819898 moving in a direction   Ruby Tuesday 73 English 
Unfortunate things I have no friends   Sahara 9 English 
* discoloured cycling   blossom 602 German 
* Owl gurl with one wing just Him & friends   personalgurl 446 English 
* life with ray amor- im here for you   xx 1383 English 
P A Subs Space A wonderful day :)   softtoy 1235 English 
Sleeping Bear Rainy 111 English 
Midnight Rose A stranger   Adhara 11 English 
* Martydx's diary confused   martydx 26 English 
Burch Curse Being drunk   marcoburch1997 1 English 
Embrace the Darkness Phone shopping and a good day   AshesVersusGlitter 228 English 
P Loving my life~ Wow, been awhile   Lavender Lilac 1210 English 
* my feelings dear diary me ..   lady engineer 235 English 
Waking Dreams Dream 49 – The garage/shed   Tricia 60 English 
P My Life Thus Far What Is It?   Interrupted 1826 English 
Thought Bank Dear Me,   Restricted Cognition 44 English 
* Khaos Diaries what a stressful week!   Miss_Khaos 205 English 
kitten_life Funk   kittykat 21 English 
boy2girl A CD scores, part two   kittykat65 3 English 
All The Little Lights Randomness & stuff going on   SaraLove 6 English 
* Learning To Be Me Amongst It All Room to Breathe   whenallissaidanddone 287 English 
Life's a Bitch Hetalia   Aurora 67 English 
Lifeless Smile Everyone leaves, right?   Permanentrain 46 English 
saveearth significant increase approx 6/7 p..   insanity 148 English 
biting ana Hello   brokenandlovelyx 71 English 
Identity and Emotion Is this customary?   Arachnophobic 5 English 
* My heart in a knot Car accident   rainy 1053 English  
Summer Haze chase.   TheLyricsofHaley 122 English 
Cats Out Of The Bag A MUCH NEEDED UPDATE!!!!!   Oreo 51 English 
e m p t y The feeling of my pulse used to m..   ominous anonymous 57 English 
SCRIPTANGLE Ensuing change...   Amanda-Jane 175 English 
Journal of a Naughty Girl Part 4   Jasmine 4 English 
Howling In Silence Howl 34: Love and Darkness   Fenrir 35 English 
P Summary of Sorrows n Bliss Failure   Miss Perfect Legs 253 English 
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