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* Luckygirl Birthday treats   robingina 64 English 
P Darling Diary. Another Dream   Morrigan Blackwood. 374 English 
Life with a crazy mind Quick Sex   Gustavo A. Nunez 34 English, Espanol 
* This Is My Diary ~~my f**ked up life upset kind of   High School Graduate Student 546 Ghetto Fabulous 
my life of 5th grade email me   trisha binwade 2 English 
Real Holy Spirit occurrence Talking to a Holy Spirit about th..   78jon 7 English 
Quitting For Real Day Thirty Seven   The Girl with Tar 38 English 
What does the Future Hold? So much to say but you wont liste..   LoveAndGrowingUpSucks 9 English 
p.s I love u mi historia   lexrjw 1 English 
phycodic breakdown random   thornlies 126 English 
My [dumb] Thoughts black friday   lechuga 50 English 
xo-wallflower Sex   xo-wallflower 51 English 
* I Love My Life! Turkeyday!   Seneca 1261 English 
Long Distance and In Love Sometimes   MissyEchelon 34 English 
Growing For A Dream validation emotions   AngelySugar 16 English 
Frozen Empty Heart The History   sweetscottie87 2 English 
Random Thoughts need sleep   AMP 58 English 
* personal No title   alka 319 English 
life this is my life   Barbralife 1 English 
☆Hero's Diary☆ Some stuff. And Thanksgiving   OfficialHero50 2 English 
grimweather What do you even.   grimweather 1 English 
P The Colors of My Life Learning Dutch   J-Lin 331 English 
INFINITY granny crook with a new alibi   finz 25 English 
jar of flies Kurt Cobain's body was mutil..   christy. 5 English 
* 日記 Kill me   Sakura Clow 239 English 
Alena Marie First Diary Entry:)   Alena Marie 1 English 
Dreams of the Disturbed Blues and Tunes   Alánna Silverwolf 41 English 
My Dirty Little Secret's Tyler   Confused 52 English 
Some Nerd Dear Lovely   Somenerd 2 English 
screams that never past my lips My Day #9 prt.1   Silly Girl 61 English 
My Secret Story Lucky Boyfriend   Bhimku Limboo 57 English 
P My Miserable Existence November 28, 2014   aappel 32 English 
* My Mental Realm oh hello.   imjust_here07 596 English 
Thoughts DAY 1 Saturday   Tired eyes 5 English 
fallin_apart holidays   fallin_star 77 English 
My Domain 😢🙍   mrssorrow 16 English 
Lola's diary Marilyn Manson   Lola 3 English 
* ✖✖Playing With Matches✖✖ A Sad Day   ☣PYROMANIAC☣ 309 English 
* Aphrodite's Diary Crushes and Girls   Aphrodite1369 99 English 

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