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YOUNG AND MESSED UP Drunken Fun with POLICE officer   Deena2112 1 English 
Thomas.M.Roberts -idk-   RyanMTR 59 English 
Black Crayon Black Board   Hazel Dark 2 English 
P A Subs Space Tuesday   softtoy 895 English 
Life is Bitter D141:''I woke up like dis''   bentbutterfly 139 English 
* mantri sanjay vivek osho   mantri sanjay 396 English 
¥ No title   delish 1 English 
gamergirl EQ AND IQ   gamergirl 10 English 
* COnfused emotions badly need to get over him   jessica 192 English 
The start of the rest of my life Sleepless   Amethyst 9 English 
Words from your not-so-average lesbian It was time for a change.   nicoleeooxo 2 English 
P My Mental Realm I have a boyfriend   imjust_here07 508 Ghetto English 
My untold secrets 23 sep. 2014   priya 105 English 
Lucky No title   Lucky 18 English 
broken butterfly Could i ever go back? Love..   freeingme23 10 English 
* Fuckity Fucks. Oh please come, and come again..   hell on heels 629 English 
P Dysphoria Sharing!!!   LustingforNightmares 289 Ingles 
Little thoughts it's going to be gone soon   girl-interrupted 22 English 
thoughts of a loner white coloration   Imperfect Angel H 64 English 
* Contemplations To Whom the Bell Tolls   Lady of the Morning 218 English 
P Darling Diary. Meet Me Half Way.   Morrigan Blackwood. 115 English 
J queen singh Day 1 - Tues Sept 23rd   J queen singh 3 English 
The Mundane &The Exceptional Prayer Part 2   Joyce Flapencoat 7 English 
* Let.It.All.Out. i know someday it'll all turn..   Poppy 153 English 
My Quitting Experience Busy living and not busy writing   drpepperhead 77 English 
Pimpin Ain\'t Easy Aging With Dignity   David Allen 6 English 
behind blue eyes Trouble Times   Sweetheart 16 English 
Searching for enlightenment The day we met   Cobain 16 English 
My crazy thoughts and feelings Yawn   House 63 English 
Past, Present & Future Ex boyfriend   jdog11 6 English 
* I NEED HELP FOR REAL cutting again(and nobody gonna..   High School Graduate Student 403 Ghetto Fabulous 
P Loving my life~ Dear Chad, (would never send)   Lavender Lilac 1006 English 
P New Beginnings Re: From Daddy   Submissive Heart 472 English Not happy .. its educational..   The Nerdy One 129 English 
not easily broken SOMETHING HAPPY!!!!!!!!!   sunny 2 English 
* the complete works of erica radford 2 days later.   LifeOnTheVerge 348 English 
Life in Words Fuck My Life   shyla 1 English 
Fragments of Imagination A Random Walk   Acura Jung 28 English 
A lady in the crowd A letter to my Brother.   Queen A' Florance 104 English 
Day to Day Journals of My Life She is not my mother.   Cheese 1 English 

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