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Embrace the Darkness How many more years   AshesVersusGlitter 266 English 
* My Life And The Oxymoron Sunday   sweetnspicy76 187 English 
P Sorrows n Bliss My Right Decision   Ms Perfekt Legs 366 English 
Sunday Messages Sunday 6/19/2016   AllGods 2 English 
* FUCKED I never mentioned the fact that t..   An unwelcome person 341 English 
P My Life Thus Far Letting Him Go   Interrupted 2023 English 
* + Selbstfürsorge imminent   /me 2180 none 
How2love Beyond hurt   How2love 10 English 
Dear Diary Unexpected situation   Jay 13 English 
Water Witch Grimoire Crystal Shapes and Energy Flow, A..   filthywaterwitch 16 English 
how I feel The Biggest Decision Ever   Johanna443 10 English 
Unknown Reality   Unknown 20 English 
Song For Isabelle Day 4, Food Log   Isabelle 5 English 
On My Way Honey Bee   Mars 104 English 
tia_dv 6/18   tia_dv 61 English 
My Experiences Maybe somethings wrong with me?   Once has been 1 English 
Nabl October 28, 2013   Nabl 5 English,Russian 
Smmcampbell3 one plus one is three   Smmcampbell3 2 English 
* Journal of a Naughty Girl Journal of a Naughty Girl Part 75   Jasmine 75 English 
What are you saying? Shit.   Away. 96 English 
P MyDarknessLives friend's day out   theolor 276 English 
* my feelings soul mates   lady engineer 362 English 
Knuckleheadplumcake Discussing future...   knucklehead 384 English 
Malichen Only   Ciles Azer 42 English 
saveearth sat/radiation killing me/leaf blo..   insanity 216 English 
Lost in Thought Explorer of Intellect   Luminous 102 English 
Tied Together With A Smile Back For More - advice needed   BravoCharlie 12 English 
Bel diario. SAMPLE DOMANDE   S. 8 Italiano 
Cats Out Of The Bag I am a mini genius!   Oreo 91 English 
colour and light Things are great in Pity Party..   inbetween 20 English 
dear-dolly-diary No words will ever be enough   Liv-My-Life 14 English 
summarizing Ray make you believe part two   ray 170 English 
tall Paul ๐Ÿ’€worked in the morgue at 14 or๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ..   Paul 52 English 
tareas de una masoquista principiante con la firmeza de mi AMO   cerda_inutil de AMO SADICO 123 Spanish 
discoloured leer   blossom 4  
P A Subs Space... OVER 18! Today has been tough   softtoy 1566 English 
Thoughts of a shoe-addict cell-phones and dating   Helina 1 English 
The Truth About Me Clean Slate   Wendy 120 English 
Just An Ordinary Girl Page 1: First Entry   xxxxdhampirxxxx 1 English 
P Loving my life~ 2 months...   Lavender Lilac 1228 English 
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