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What are you saying? Time waste.   Away. 77 English 
tia_dv 5/25   tia_dv 38 English 
Maxine's Thoughts All about fate.   93maxie 4 English 
Julie's Thoughts Getting Close   JulieL 65 English 
Knuckleheadplumcake Looked up again   knucklehead 366 English 
love and be loved Caring for leather shoes   sharon 24 English 
* FUCKED there was someone waiting on the ..   An unwelcome person 285 English 
Visexual The great pretender   Rich 26 English 
Nabl 20 May (Мая) 2016   Nabl 8 English,Russian 
Sufism L10   talaash911 10 English 
P My Life Thus Far On The Fringes Of My Mind ~ 2000 ..   Interrupted 2000 English 
* .recovering recluse peace   ki 106 English 
Wishing_For_Peace Ha ha xD More Nerdgasms...I think..   Sanity_Insanity 174 English 
My Life And The Oxymoron Work   sweetnspicy76 159 English 
P twenty3andAspie Catching the Plague (from no one)   twenty3andaspie 43 English 
Abigail's Wishes Am I a Selfish Bitch?   Scarletmeteora 9 English 
My Life - Growing I should of slept-   M.E 133 English 
saveearth dad80   insanity 200 English 
Conversations with the other Me DO something different day   Cai 2 English 
☯LivingWithMyself☯ Race To The Mailbox   ✯Sincerely, Me✯ 95 English 
Faded Days A long time   tiffer2 8 English 
~thoughts~ Clean and Ready for my Voyage at ..   Aquamoon 5 English 
PRAYERS Thursday   Alicia 84 English 
* Will I Be Something what happened to me   A Tragician 8 English 
♡the deep time♡ ❤new forest❤   val 22 English 
* Gerald Lee Banks Had a nice day   JDog_90305 94 English 
angelica what can i do??   m.ade 1 English 
thoughts i made the mistake of reading my ..   gan 46 English 
Escape Tokyo ghoul   Insanity 141 English 
A Lion's Love i miss him   ppompendera 27 English 
HARTAWAN The Army   MEI 1 English 
* My heart in a knot Goodbye Money.   rainy 1123 English  
my ramblings its useless there's no escape   darkroom 19 English 
Trying To Get Lost but Hoping To Be Foun I think this might be love   MiaTheLoserCheerleader 45 English 
So I Want To Be A Writer Screenwriting - Ep.7, Scenes 16-1..   Dreamweaver 3 English 
The rose in the tower I needed to write   RosieDrew 127 English 
Thoughts of an uncertain mind A world of contradiction   Shane 22 English 
My Recovery Recovery...Almost 6 months   DGC 1 English 
The Truth About Me Is This Normal?   Wendy 108 English 
tareas de una masoquista principiante FASES EN EL ADIESTRAMIENTO DE UN ..   cerda_inutil de AMO SADICO 92 Spanish 
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