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  Diary name Entry title Diary owner Entries Language
His Cuddles One more day!!   Cuddles 234 English 
Vita 2016-07-27 01:02:56   Blondie 3 English 
Keep On Singin My Song A Taste of my Experience   Amber 21 English 
entries of Obira, Hi-C Foolish murmur   obira07 99 English 
The chaos known as my mind Touch   iEradicated 84 English 
A diary New places   Ali 5 English 
Lost in Thought Confused   Luminous 133 English 
Favorite moments from the past -NSFW Her...   Who I used to be 15 English 
P Life by the Month November 1988   J-Lin 15 English 
Welcome to My World When things are getting worse   Lenne 40 English 
P A Subs Space... OVER 18! Soooo....   softtoy 1619 English 
My newfound college life 365 Journal prompt 206   iloveyou 388 English 
P Being Sam Jobs jobs jobs.   wedonttalk 823 English 
* My Bipolar Journey Learning Something   Jon 1705 English 
Poetry of my life Reemy Reemz Dollaz   Tasha 220 English 
Floating on the lonely junkyard Mi plan no funciona, mi plan frac..   cosmiclover 136 English 
IntoDarkness No title   Nemesis 5 English 
♥Teenage Angst♥ Visiting   ♥Pear♥ 32 English 
Penny for my thoughts It's almost time   cece 11 English 
Sleeping Bear Hot 288 English 
Tears Of Sonny Where to go from here Le..   ppointer89 5 English 
Bel diario. SENZA parole...   Usagi Chan 17 Italiano 
All of me SSDY   Gammaburst 12 English 
arabian diaries my first letters   arabian boy 2 English 
TAO,SG,Jen,Whore,M Shit   Smmcampbell3 19 English 
Your friendly Neighborhood Basketcase I woke up at 5am today. Went to b..   J 27 English 
* FUCKED Just got off the phone with the r..   An unwelcome person 433 English 
The Illusive Girl Next Steps   whoknows? 21 English 
* Embrace the Darkness Life   AshesVersusGlitter 286 English 
tall Paul 🛂🛂🛂showed up 🛃 ask me if I've..   Paul 153 English 
Moments of a Sir Till the End of Days   The Shadow Man 218 English 
dita satinktonk di penghujung bulan juli   Dita 51 English 
Persephone A Little Positivity   Persephone 10 English 
* Voices in the Trees To Be Me   aimelia 9 English 
* A bit of myself Haircut   Sunflower 580 English 
log The list   ranxerox 6 English 
Do What You Fear An Exploration of Blue's Brai..   Blue 417 English 
discoloured buch   blossom 36  
* + müde   /me 2209 none 
P Sorrows n Bliss Trading (Forex/Binary)   Ms Perfekt Legs 386 English 
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