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Quotes by women, an Android application

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  Diary name Entry title Diary owner Entries Language
P The Trials of a Catholic Girl Josh Duggar   Brenda the Fluffin' Writer 60 English 
* this is my diary...Music Rocks !!! I just want to die   Hello My Little Pony Woman 787 English,Ghetto 
live from the pinkroom I need a phone   pinkmiss 102 English 
Oh my fluffy Stars! I woke up calm. And pe..   StarryEyes 164 English 
opioids and opiates forum managing recovery   zerothirty 20 English 
Optimism,Pessimism and shitty philosophy I finally found them   Alice 146 English 
The Journey I can feel it   Marrissa 2 English 
P A Subs Space Yay! i heard from Master :)   softtoy 1109 English 
The Life of Cara Bus stations   carajane957 6 English 
Jst My World Confused..who even am i?   ItsJstMe 1 English 
Jude success   lala_310 2 English 
Fuck my life fall out   loser 11 English 
NickyL\'s secret dairy Dairy entry 2   NickyL 2 English 
Diary of a Kat Random points   Katherine Rowland 120 English 
* Things That Are Complicated Looking Back   Paige Lynn 142 English 
Random Thoughts of Mine A Woman's Touch   Advisor 19 English 
P My Life Thus Far The Depths of My Soul   Jennifer Interrupted 1633 English 
psd83 I'm up. Ridiculous dreams eve..   psd83 385 English 
My letter to the World Words Freaking Fail.   Katie-Brave 95 English 
Annie My letter   cozysmita 36 English 
P Life of a Christian Pinoy in America Love Came Down   Jireh Jay 738 English and Tagalog 
Do What You Fear Lonely Shots of Vodka   Blue 240 English 
P Life Among The Selected Few Most Grateful   Billabonic 570 English 
* Story of a Girl Most interesting day of the week!   Cheese 69 English, Spanish  
* Where'sMyHappy? Prom   Mufasa. 237 English 
Ventilation 5/22/15   hokychik 99 English 
diary of a ordinary girl last day of 8th grade   Sibby snickers 9 English 
Understanding Life; My Struggles how to love   Jake 75 English 
* Searching... Morning Pages - 05/22   Ty 903 Mass Confusion 
the depth within 5/22/15 first day on the job   cfoster8998 9 English 
* sanjay mantri eft मिटना ही राज..   sanjay mantri 2290 English hindi 
where my demons hide can't let go   midnightrider 1 English 
Something Especially Lame Why You Gotta Be So Ruuuuuude!   whoa.melissa 2 English 
What In the World We're A Happy Family   Vera Layne 44 English 
My Life My Race Dream   Shannonxo 12 English 
brooklyns twisted life prison love   brooklynsworld2014 16 English 
The Real Me argh   Vanilla 179 English 
college is it pathetic that i feel the sa..   esjare 216 English 
P My Inner Workings Stuck in a Rut   B 80 English 
Trinity Past Entries   Brianna 4 English 
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