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  Diary name Entry title Diary owner Entries Language
college very creative, new testament..   esjare 106 English 
From the heart What I want from Life   Mrinmayee 14 English 
Finding My Way Reflection of a Mom   Ambrosia Sky 6 English 
* I NEED HELP FOR REAL My depression   High School Graduate Student 252 Ghetto Fabulous(Engl 
The Scarred Dreamer Why?   Aly 6 English 
thebrokenones Am I Being An Idiot?   Izzy 80 English 
mary auchterloniee stop stalking me   mary auchterloniee 2 English 
Now it's throat cancer day 23   CBruce 22 English 
collection of my secret thoughts Kiara   nobody's girl 61 English 
Secrets of the Soul You cant spell Life without Lie   Soulless 16 English 
Lethal Injekshun Its been a while   Brittany 6 English 
I speak less and think a lot About Press media   Jack Mckenzie 21 English 
The Wildflower Scar is back at t again   twistedangel2012 45 English 
Frenzy in a Coffin Back to work   Cobalt blue Amoeba 60 English 
* Live.Laugh.Love Long Cultural Rant   Bubblez051 159 English 
P Being Sam Family.   wedonttalk 685 English 
Fluffy Pink Clouds On A Bright Sunny Day Just Random Stuff   ♥Pimpernelfan♥ 65 American 
* Life interrupted Last night   Master's bae 244 English 
* discoloured sprache   blossom 362  
our dialog Summer Patience!   deanne and Connor 57 English 
stuff and things drunkky times   piece of shit 39 English 
Live and Learn Going Insane   Wyntermoon 6 English 
Mindbase, Where I can spit everything 26 July 2014   Laz 57 English 
Confusing life of a teen A sad week :'(   Emma1357 9 English 
Michael's Reflections My Miraculous Life   murphy903 33 English 
P The Serenity Zone July 26, 2014 - Step by Step   cmmacneil 3623 English 
A lady in the crowd Who is Jimmy Mist.   Hope Florance 52 English 
Diary of Me 25/7/14 Yay.   Arrietty Clock 75 English 
Live for this Was soll ich noch tun?   Wasteland 7 German 
Fade to Black Wake up wasteland.   SplicerZach 30 English 
Life As I Know It Future Wife Life   Kenzie Ashlyn 3 English 
born exists die Burke boy   KellyH 2 English 
bittersweet crush. Ultra Gay Friends   nobody. 101 English 
Just me Happiness... just a mirage...   kaddu 56 English 
How to live without happiness Finding hope in the darkness..   A sad and ugly guy 9 English 
3D Rendering Studio How to Work in 3D Exterior..   3drendering 1 English 
everything   Mell 29 English 
fire, ice, and death me   fuck life its too complicated 2 English 
* bi polar, broke, at fifty Rear invasions, etc...   carl 224 English 

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