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  Diary name Entry title Diary owner Entries Language
Ramblings & Chaos first shift bk   Joseph Gallows 6 English 
Your Journey Acceptance   ndx0 1 English 
Untamed Thoughts I hate this time of year   Wishfully_Dreamer508 3 English 
Avianna's diary weekend's ending...   Avianna 6 English 
* My Bipolar Journey A Warm Saturday   Jon 1755 English 
our dialog Missing   deanne and Connor 138 English 
His Cuddles It's been a while....   Cuddles 326 English 
The Life Of "Mars". 4 U   M A R S 36 English 
Confessions of A Male Sex Worker Random Thoughts   BlackieTheCajun 6 English 
Ready to be just ok Sex Survey: whats your relationsh..   Unwanted 123 English 
* Girl Online Night in!   Bloggergirl13 24 American 
IntoDarkness The time my heart cried...   Just Another Guy 185 English 
Double Life Boo hoo. Aren't I pathetic.   bleedingheart 26 English 
Annie ---   cozysmita 63 English 
♦•Masa dieries•♦ best cousin in the world   masa 37 English 
* *My ecstatic Life* arguing   Thawing life 87 English 
Weight Loss Day 4 diet plan   Esmeralda 2 English 
Ofthemind The Lesser of Two Evils.   Syke 8 English 
Unchaining Myself Fri 12/09   maskedgirlintherain 63 English 
P My Life Thus Far Three Drags   Interrupted 2192 English 
* My heart in a knot Well...   rainy 1228 English  
Village Girl First hellos   Village Girl 1 English 
P Crazyrae FANTASTIC   Shae 31 English 
Bless Levi And Bethany Flasback's and Echos   Kamber and Katie 24 English 
The World According to Anna saturdaynight   annalouu 1 English 
* My Diary Can I Win Please?   MaryBury 108 English 
Moments of a Sir The Harsh Truth   The Shadow Man 231 English 
Scarlett Introductions   missbecca18 1 English 
The Half Of It So...   Fortis 138 English 
Courtneysymone_ Tell me what is it am I stupid?   _Symone3 17 English 
tall Paul 🐩💊 Ritalin and lexapro doubled💊   Paul 492 English 
Johnson bed baby   thepaulie 55 English 
Que sera sera \"whatever will be, w Sad   Que sera sera 4 English 
* 40 acres and a jag not the same ol same ol   Grace 333 Graciese 
Diary of a socially awkward adult Afraid he will always be my one t..   NekoIvy 11 English 
The chaos known as my mind Sometimes walls have to be built   iEradicated 99 English 
* Isabel's fulfillment Isabel's fulfillment 17   SweetGypsy 17 English 
Life As It Is... High Strung...   Simonhenry 20 English 
* live from the pinkroom he what?   pinkmiss 248 English 
* Lilliana Vegetáriánus   Lilliana 47 English 
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