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My_New_Beginning Avalanche   Samantha2008 5 English 
Life No title   alex111113 14 English 
My Truth As Said By Me Yeah. It's that time a year...   Watasumi Kasai 70 English 
Anatomy Custom Hitches and Unsturdy Stitc..   Ryan M. Robson 27 English 
Life is weird Ponies Everywhere   BFox 6 English 
My life. My story Ugghhh...!!!!!   tripleS.ELF 4 English 
personal thoughts rindu la pulok   adikbongsu 17 English 
* COnfused emotions anybody needs smone to talk to ca..   jessica 236 English 
My [dumb] Thoughts update on a couple posts ago   lechuga 55 English 
Quitting For Real Day Fifty Four   The Girl with Tar 55 English 
Singer's Diary Never Enough   Singer 3 English 
Random Thoughts scared   AMP 71 English 
My Muchness I realized that you aren't m..   Nee 16 English 
A drumstick and a Whole Lot of Cupcakes. No title   PurpleLeprechaun 3 English 
P My Miserable Existence December 17, 2014   aappel 35 English 
k@tty the perfect one..   fairy 5 English 
R. Hello. I'm new here:   R. 1 English 
Feelings, Thoughts and life off to a road trip   Downunder 5 English 
Thoughts From My Life Life is so hard sometimes.   Bringer Of Thoughts 14 English 
RonPrice January 2015   RonPrice 54 English 
Random weekend plans/recipe help   AnimeFreak 2 English 
meghann New Year, Newfound Hope 29 English 
* Assimilated 269th Entry - 12/17/14   Ms. R 285 English 
d.a.i.s.y. I'm going to show this to ur..   jizziemcguire 96 English 
That Girl 0% of the shots   That Girl 157 English 
My letter to the World History   Katie-Brave 44 English 
Alena Marie My life   Alena Marie 11 English 
. ƸӜƷRedeemed One's MindƸӜƷ God wont let that happen   tina 22 English 
* My Mental Realm please be nice   imjust_here07 614 English 
Teddy Bearish Realm Religious themes   L.B 1 English 
P Darling Diary. A Home Full of Them   M. B. 427 English 
* AlteredEgoLifeofStarlingg I laugh   AlluriaStarlingg 53 English 
9   9 English 
FungusAmongus Burn   Shotgun.Jelly25 27 English 
i'm nobody, really Heavy   doesn't matter 2 English 
I Must Not Tell Lies Everybody Hide: We're Doomed   Blue 98 English 
Recovering Amina 2014   Amina 63 English 
lifelessjourney My mom found out... OOPS!   ckdesoto 5 English 
loathsome_love Alexander the Great..   suman liar 17 Hindi in English 
* discoloured gut.   blossom 414  

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