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  Diary name Entry title Diary owner Entries Language
Neurotic Nightmares Natalie   lovejunkie 16 English 
Need an outside perspective ii. The Guy Who Just Came Out..   EllzyBaby 4 English 
CFB Ergh   Katie 7 English 
P Life interrupted Excitement building   Master's bae 248 English 
Just Myself Getting Closer to date....   JulieKat 6 English 
P A Subs Space Hello there! :)   softtoy 818 English 
My family dairy Tuesday July 29,2014   Joshua's Father 4 English 
flowers People   roseflowers312004 17 English 
LIfe on the Costa Off the Wagon   Life on the Costa 4 English 
* COnfused emotions Gotta Stay HIGH   jessica 170 English 
P Submissive Heart Record Low Temps   Submissive Heart 428 English 
Dearest Diary, July 2014   Dusk 5 English 
that god damn teen culture what?   daytrippagirl 11 English 
Aion Why Aion   Elaine 1 English 
Die Welt von Autumn Melody A Family Visit   Autumn Melody 27 English 
Destinys Path Music & Comedy Who Jessica Lynn Solsona..   destinysmcw 1 English 
* A bit of myself Struggling   Sunflower 213 English 
* My life in the making ummm. shit.   Jannaaa:) 299 English 
P The Serenity Zone July 29, 2014 - Step by Step   cmmacneil 3638 English 
A New Dynamic The Night Promises..   Roxy666 10 English 
Ventilation 7/28/2014   hokychik 82 English 
Diary of Me 29/7/14 Long Looong Entry   Arrietty Clock 77 English 
The making of pi Wrist band Part 2   pi 42 English 
Just me No title   kaddu 57 English 
Getting up again My childhood is gone   JLove 19 English 
Life I just did the math....   Nyarlathotep19 24 English 
* Passages No title   KPN 537 English 
The MGMP 2.0 There are signs...   Stanyfil Multitask 26 English 
P All These Things That I've Done I've Been Trying To Sleep   LustingforNightmares 238 Ingles 
Trial and Metamorphisis The courses of religious..   mybadhabits 2 English 
P Orphan He is a jerk.   Dying Inside 336 English 
Go Ask Alice. I'll be honest with you,if you..   Lordofthecats 25 English 
Just Trying To Survive So far...   A. 20 English 
Music 4 Life The Last Night   [no one cares] 2 English 
Packers and Movers in India Golden Triangle Safari..   jadoo61 130 English 
A lady in the crowd Tonight is special.   Hope Florance 54 English 
Tobi New User -getting to know me   Aki 1 English 
P I Love My Life! Work is getting ridiculous   Seneca 1202 English 
The Wildflower Going back to College   twistedangel2012 47 English 
RockstarRhiannon and Tidbits About Me Prologue and Chapter 1   Blake 6 English 

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