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  Diary name Entry title Diary owner Entries Language
My shelter from the storm Thoughts :)   Nuri 16 English 
My Love Life Feeling low   Broken Heart 88 English 
FouFou Cookie The Best Night, A Good Day   Holo 2 English 
P Orphan Ressrektion (From Badoo)   Dying Inside 374 English 
The Perils of penelope penelope yep still working   penelope 12 English 
* Heart Of Many Hearts day 287   Harish Yadav 331 English 
Marina стих.   Tkachenko 5 Russian 
The making of pi song of the submissive part..   pi 131 English 
♥Life and Travel♥ It's Okay To Smile   ♥Eden♥ 22 English~ 
* Inside my heart No title   Lone_drifter 133 grief 
* Life As We Know It Envy   The Introvert 288 English 
* Slippage Nondescript snippets   Jeffrey1f 152 English 
Superglue How much longer will this go on?   Sebbie 18 English 
My Secrets I will get answers take 2   JRose 102 English 
Just me Low Self Image and Low Self..   kaddu 71 English 
* A bit of myself Short report   Sunflower 274 English 
Bi or Gay? Craigslist   Buffbob46 9 English 
* I NEED HELP FOR REAL I'm so sleepy right now   High School Graduate Student 479 Ghetto Fabulous 
P Verse Chronicles The Crochet Set   the_something_special 1612 English 
P Karen's Acumenous Thoughts Profound Wisdom ..   Soul Searcher 1034 English 
* Sex Doll Diary Tuesday temptations   Doll Face 7 English 
Lookingformyself 20 Facts about myself.   Jeigh 8 English 
Angels Awakening Surprises in the Night   AngelAnsar 76 English 
* the complete works of erica radford Existangrial.   LifeOnTheVerge 353 English 
Diary Tuesday, 14th October   snowflake 4 English 
Ed, the love of my life I need love!   Maria 87 English 
*Thinks of a diary name* Oh, wait... "When I close my eyes...I..   Niyaaa 7 English 
Average Sex Life Love Whore 1/2   MikeSpade 1 English 
Struggling thoughts i cant   wiltingblkroses 22 English 
biography of a student nurse identity   loveyourlife 9 English 
P Life interrupted The rest of it   Master's bae 292 English 
Welcome to Ginger's Reality Today   gingerlaroy 65 English 
P My Bipolar Journey Some Loneliness   Jon 1421 English 
Random Thoughts Holy Crap!!   ampmimsc 24 English 
I'm Rain & It's my life ILU   Rain 99 English 
P I Love My Life! No title   Seneca 1236 English 
MY DIARY 1 EXPERIENCE   ademic 11 English 
life\'s a mystery another   whizkers 4 English 
Cumming through a hardened grip. Confes lie to me   adam21XX 24 English 

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