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Cumming through a hardened grip. Confes I have the devil cornered   adam21XX 43 English 
Oh, The Happier I'll Be Failure Reconfirmed   Scarlet Dreamer 4 English 
am i unforunate or less thankful a storm just passes by   nasah 19 English 
Lost Thoughts Stressful Mornings...   Yoko vs. Kia 18 English 
this is a personal story fucking bullshit   bitch 25 English 
Hedonism Goosebumps and Butterflies!   miller 11 English 
Expression Of The Existential Thoughts Implicit   Jeshaun C. Harrell 10 English 
Frenzy in a Coffin The ban button   Cobalt blue Amoeba 146 Julie speak 
i am alexa Problems MUST READ!!!!   alexa_vaz 1 English 
pinkmiss Kinda good :)   pinkmiss 20 English 
Problems Today i cried   TarnishPixies 70 English 
AuthorsSecret 2.0 Authors secret Pt 1   Matalicpebble 4 English 
P Life of a Christian Filipino in America I am officially leaving PLCF   Jireh Jay 730 English and Tagalog 
Scarlet Rose Beauty and the Beast   scarletrose 3 English 
P Ask a Bible Question Why not. Try asking any Bible..   Kyle 62 English 
Rachaels plan for improvement Plan of opportunities   Rachael14 5 English 
* For cry out loud My Son   Sara 17 English 
P ☂Øh well, Øh well.☂ Flesh Killer.   Him🐍 280 AbnØrmality 
P Being Sam Halloween!   wedonttalk 711 English 
P Where I spill my thoughts Yesterdays Date with Jeff   Gabby 111 English 
* The Same Old Story ..   Kaori Kana Kaida 309 English 
* Amazingly, I survived my Life 1994 REVIEW (PART THREE)   Phillip Wilson 220 English 
Die Welt von Autumn Melody .....   Autumn Melody 32 English 
♥my life(: where did the time go?   Faith Hills. 56 English 
P Orphan At Farukh's site   Dying Inside 378 English 
the warrior is a child a letter from someone   pensword510 2 carabao english 
Poetry Rahey wafa   Umeed 12 English 
simply me Mistakes   in cognitio 147 Blah Blah Blah 
Angels Awakening Thoughts and Desires   AngelAnsar 87 English 
A Diary of A Girl 10?   Dark_Light 18 Italiano 
I'm Rain & It's my life Princess of my dreams   Rain 106 English 
akudisini Provider Vcc Murah DI Indoonesia   akudisini 1 English 
Words and Letters Day 2:   oldsoul 2 English 
P Luckygirl Memories, a bit more recent   robingina 52 English 
saransak2100 Fashion Gold Bangles   saransak2100 1 English 
college No title   esjare 158 English 
* zihinsel devrimci rules of engagement   Devrim 215 English 
The making of pi Mistress Sft entry...My pets..   pi 156 English 
Thomas.M.Roberts Done   RyanMTR 62 English 
llylewis 沒有你的第157天   y4802053lly 35 English 

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