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  Diary name Entry title Diary owner Entries Language
Dude Is it too much?   jenny 36 English 
Former Ebay Sellers vs. Ebay, Inc. Word stream of consciousness   RogerThorpeRules 97 English 
* Cynthion I wished this   C. 136 English 
Spiritual Diary of Realizations Mayavada bhasya haya sarva nasa   servant of krishna 48 English 
вeaυтιғυl laтιna dιarιeѕ. Introducing myself.   anonyмoυѕ.💗 1 englιѕн, spanish 
Yours Truly Alone   Rose 112 English 
On a friend's couch bonding with strangers   hushhush 97 English 
P Dysphoria Wily   LustingforNightmares 319 Ingles 
rollercoaster children scarred   jasmine123 11 English 
unrequitedl0ve. happy   abella 39 English 
The rose in the tower My mirrors being nice   RosieDrew 22 English 
fallin_apart undetermined   fallin_star 55 English 
Knuckleheadplumcake Saturday suprises   knucklehead 47 English 
Goldheart The silver prision.   Karlac21 3 English 
P My Bipolar Journey My Weekend   Jon 1423 English 
A piece of me for him Talent show   IyaRayne 5 English 
What is there to love Changed   Jarodius01 13 English 
Angels Awakening Digging Deeper   AngelAnsar 81 English 
* Heart Of Many Hearts reply to soulmate :( :(   Harish Yadav 334 English 
Sweet Angel my life   sweetangel25 3 English 
Road to Redemption Self-Revelation   Pink Mist 1 English 
rollercoaster dodo   volverine787 1 English 
Juliet's diary Sick of it all.   Juliet16 21 English 
* A bit of myself Doctor's update   Sunflower 278 English 
Bhumika's diary don't ever judge me..   Bhumika 6 English 
* Amazingly, I survived my Life 1995 REVIEW (PART NINE)   Phillip Wilson 220 English 
Jeffs diary lessons in love   joyfulnoise 11 English 
thoughts of a loner woke up   Imperfect Angel H 83 English 
Laney\'s life On days like these   laneykay32 4 English 
* I NEED HELP FOR REAL NEW SONG   High School Graduate Student 486 Ghetto Fabulous 
phycodic breakdown we belong with the dead   thornlies 124 English 
jennes Discussion again   jennes 52 English 
whitetoplaurelband it has been a while   whitetoplaurelband 18 English 
P Darling Diary. New Moon Celebration   Morrigan Blackwood. 266 English 
Ventilation 10/25/2014   hokychik 90 English 
P New Beginnings 10/25/14   Submissive Heart 498 English 
llylewis 沒有你的第155天   y4802053lly 33 English 
Love No title   breal4me 4 Bulgarian 
norm\'s life A Day   norm4u 18 English 
P The Colors of My Life Kindle Unlimited   J-Lin 299 English 

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