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2018-03-19 21:47:53 (UTC)

Appointments made

So I got on it today. My temperature was 102 on both temples (side of head) today. I did not feel sick. Not like I had a cold
or flu, but my head is hot as hell. So, he told me to call the dermatologist back and get in there soon. I did that. I was lucky
to get in tomorrow afternoon. Get the right knee shot in the morning...but gonna go see this doctor and see if she can figure this

Went ahead and made my appointment at the GYN too. I found the number of the new lady doctor that is located right down
the street. So, I will do that next Monday.

The colonoscopy is set to pre-appointment in about three weeks. So, that will be over too.

All I need now is new teeth.


Had to work today getting some renewals ready and sent out to be signed.....
Talked to the boss...and he is handling some of the foot work and talking to people.

We went over a bunch of lots...and will be working on that if that group decides to move forward
on any of them....

I feel tired....very tired.....and have a very high fever.
Not sure what is happening but I am sick of feeling crapy.