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2018-03-12 01:54:24 (UTC)

It Happens

Mood: Tired But Okay
Song: The Call by Regina Specktor
Color: Purple

Sunday's are always long days, Plus daylight savings time always makes the tiredness worse....plus lack of sleep recently i feel like i've spent this entire weekend super busy and active and then not resting well so i just feel washed out.
Church was okay, i'm Glad that Dad will be back preaching next week.
At least i can count on him to not preach opinion from the pulpit.... -__-

Today has been filled with what seems to be a lot of spiritual battle, little tests and conflicts.
Some of then i handled well others not.
You can't go back and change certain things you said....even if you wanted to...some of which i wouldn't change some of which i would, but you can't....the only thing you can do is start from now and try to take the high road, apologize for offending and hurting do what's right do what you can even if it doesn't help...even when it's not satisfying.
Conflict is hard when both party's feel they aren't in the wrong.
It's not fun to be the first to give in and apologize specially if you feel that you didn't do anything wrong, but i'm of the opinion that the relationship is more important than feeling that you were right or justified in your actions.
Doing the right thing....isn't easy and tonight/Today it doesn't feel nice...because it didn't help infact seems to make things worse and makes me feel more frustrated.
But it is what it is, it's gonna happen in life....
Just got to try to be content in what i did do...and change some things that i could do differently.

Josh wants to get married tomorrow....he and Tina visited tonight but he didn't want mom and dad to know.....
but they caught onto something being up.

As it's Sunday here are the things i'm thankful for.

1. Truth.
2. Faith
3. Friends
4. Family.
5. Music.
6. Health.
7. Sleep.
8. Pizza for dinner tonight.
9. Tomorrow is a new day.
10. Anticipation of new projects.
11. Hope.
12. Change.
13. Belief.
14. Books
15. Bible Journaling.