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Diary of a teenage high school graduate
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2018-03-08 23:47:00 (UTC)

Weird and Unexpected Dream

I had this weird and unexpected dream that I had about a recent crush that I had on and now that we're currently friends on Facebook. But only because I sent him a friend request not him with me. His name is Bryan. We were in a bedroom and I was on my knees and he was laying at the edge of the bed with his shirt off it was just a weird and an unexpected dream. Then, I had a dream that I was kidnapped and I was in this type of old western wagon and I was screaming for help when they pulled me away from him and that's when I woke up. We had sex before he left and one word and one word only. Amazing. But he pulled out no worries. Jis dad is still having sex with my boyfriend's ex she would always come to his house. And I just don't like it not knowing that its my boyfriend's ex and their still doing the same thing even he has a wife and she doesn't even know. Everyone knows but her and the man is in his 50s and she's in her 20s. I stalked Erin's page on Facebook it was saying that he will be attending Point University and that's all the way in point Atlanta Georgia. I'm sad I admit. But even if I tell him I'm in love with him its not gonna be like he cares. Or even would try and talk to me at least and because he won't. And I know. Because he told me not to talk to him. As much as I lime having sex with my boyfriend I have insecurities especially when it comes to my stomach. I mean it looks like I'm pregnant even when I'm not but others think so. I just wanna be skinny and look good in a bikini without having the nerve to suck in my stomach 24/7. So as of now I will just stick to the whole one piece kind of thing. Until I learn how to eat right and excercise right but I always bail out. I have a cavity that needs to be checked out immediately so I've been eating on my left side a lot lately. Six months has been up and still no dentists. Or is it a year. Idk. Going to finally take my ACT around March 23rd and my picture so I can attend Huntington College. Can't wait. New year. NEW YEAR.NEW ME BITCHES. A WHOLE SIDE YOU NEVER SEEN. I'm tired of playing the nice card and being treated like shit because of my niceness. So, from now on a whole new me. Old me meet new me. Oh and by the way Happy Natilnal Woman's Day.

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