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2018-03-08 19:35:33 (UTC)

Thursday sick day

I been working on our deduction list the past two days. Even without some of it cause I do not have receipts for some when
I bought a pair of glasses last year. He about fell in the floor when I told him how much I had added up and it was over 20k. But 12k
was for the hospital and surgery. Lots of doctor appointments and therapy last year. Just my medication alone was 510 bucks and I stopped
taking the hormone meds before the surgery and never started back. I was happy to have all that done

Then the boss sent a couple files I been waiting for to send to a investor who is asking about one of our commercial listings.
I was glad to have than done too. I hope he responds with some good news. I am ready to get that one sold. I think after a while,
I get tired of dealing with the property owners and this one is difficult. Almost looney tune nuts. But that is what happens....

I was sitting here catching my breath after having been busy for a few hours and realized by temperature was 101 degrees...
I did not feel bad, just tired. But I did feel like taking a shower in an effort to cool down...then I had diarea ( the craps )

I am now cleaned up, in my chair and he has gone to get me some orange sherbert. Not sure why. But it must be a secret
cure for what ever this is.

A friend of mine posted on FB a yesterday asking for prayers for her husband. He was found laying n a parking lot and taken
to hospital while working out of state...I think she said he was in Iowa. He was on a ventilator. Coma. Brain bleeding. It
almost appeared that someone hit him in the back of the head. But as it turns out, and he is still in ICU and in critical
condition, they think he may have had a seasure and fallen. I know I am misspelling words today. Please give me a break.

I am gonna stop now...and hope you all have a wonderful day. To those of you up north.....enjoy the snow and please
leave it there....we are colder today....kinda damp....but no snow. At least not here. I could probably drive a couple towns
over and there would be snow...that is close....

I am ready for spring