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2018-03-06 14:09:26 (UTC)

Eye problems today

Maybe it was from dicing the onion I used in my omelet I am not sure. Took contacts out last night to rest my eyes...and after I
cooked this morning, my eyes are on fire...almost feel like I am going blind. So, I will be cutting this thing off and do no reading...
no computing at all for the rest of the day....

eyes need resting....

I may cut off TV, dim the lights and rest in a dark room....

not sure yet how far closed down I can go....

But I will say this...I posted some old photos last night on facebook....every single one of them has the date it
was 2012, 2010 etc...nothing recent....just picked out the ones I liked the best to have something to
post.....showing how much I love photography. Most of them were great for real.

But of all the friends I got....the one that should know how old my granddaughters are now....
one is graduating from HS this year...the middle one is getting license and the youngest is
taller than all of us. So it is clear that the photo I posted of them surrounding their mom
getting sworn into office as a councilwoman.....apparently was taken a while...since they
were all three just little children....not young adults. But that one....friend who is dumber than
a rock..has too make a comment about if she really thinks time has stood still and they
are really that age now? I would befriend her or block her but most of the time when she posted
something silly or that makes her look uneducated, I just delete her comment. .... especially the
talking in tongue post...which I find annoying....she think JESUS has a facebook account...
and GOD checks in every few minutes...and praying is ok, but do not post your stuff on FB...
pray at home...get on your knees....I know her...and she is just trying to get the noticed.....attention....
seeking...and making herself look foolish is her MO. It is sad to watch for real...

I shake my head in disgust. She made up a new name for herself...that she feels is more SEXY.
And she expect us all to call her that. She draws Social Security, but refers to it as her pension or
retirement...cause she does not want to reveal her age. She surrounds herself with hang
out with who are younger than her kids.....dresses like them....hoots and hollers...humping the
GUITAR AMPS when security does not stop her...or the jukebox.....I mean HUMPING THE DAMN
thing like she is having sex with MUSIC....wants people to think she is in great shape....referring
to her Athletic build....she is over weight and there is nothing Athletic about it. Foolish...being

The time and money wasted on her make me very pissed off....the help over the years....I have given
her...and she wasted it all being stupid. She thinks it is ok to make appointments and show up to
give massages to people....and she has never been certified...and one of these days...she is going
to hurt someone...and get arrested. When my back was hurt...I was going to a doctor...who sent
me to therapy....after x-rays and such. She kept trying to get me to let her massage my back...
telling me over and over that she could help me so much. I kept saying no. I finally told her
that she has no idea what she is doing and she is NOT TOUCHING ME....I let her know I was
going to a doctor to be treated for the pain and no one else is touching me. Oh she was so upset.

She actually believes that I do not come around her and some other of her friends because I am
"jealous" of them. Last time I went to a get together for one of their of them
drunk of course approached me and said "she told me you were jealous of our friendship...I do
not understand why....I love you so much...." I left shortly afterwards...wondering when or if
or how could she ever think I would be "jealous" of a drug addicted drunk? Oh my....

it was an eye opening piece of information....and she probably tells others that too...

I am not jealous. More like disgusted. I would rather she not speak to my friends...or
to me when they are around. She came up once while I was sitting and talking to a
old school mate who is also a commercial investor...and she started going on and on
about he was Mel Gibson, she was Pamela Anderson and referred to me as Goldie Hawn...

it went on and on she would not stop....he finally got up and walked away....
I was so embarrassed....