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2018-03-01 20:08:39 (UTC)

March On

Mood: Okay
Song: As she's walking away The Zac Brown Band
Color: Yellow.

It's March.....
And i have managed to keep up with Writing everyday.....there have been some close calls i admit, but i've done it and i feel really proud of that, and i think that it's become easier the more i've done it....which is how things usually go, you have to make good things habbit and then it'll be easier.
Now to make other good things habbit.
Eat healthier
Exercise more
Have healthier relationships.
Have a positive mindset.
Stay focused on the things i should be focused on.

I mean i feel like thus far this year i have kept up pretty good on my goals, but other than that i have felt like i've been drowning which...i think is also normal all things considered.
I thinkt That there is definitely spiritual battles going on with me, with us and with a lot of people around here which means we must be doing something right. Right?
I don't know....I'm just hoping that we all come throuugh our situations with our heads still above water, facing the east waiting for a beautiful moment.

I don't know what's to come, i only know that right this second in this day i feel happy, content and hopeful, there's no telling what i'll be feeling later or tomorrow....but i'm resolving to just enjoy this moment because it's all i'm guaranteed....it's all your guaranteed so be thankful for what you've got, make today good, and have faith that there's going to be a tomorrow and a purpose for everything that happens.
Lets March On, we battles still to be fought and victory's still to be won.